Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Vox Popoli: Rod Dreher advises Christians to stop fighting the culture war

Surrender, he cucked, cucklishly

Rod Dreher advises Christians to stop fighting the culture war, surrender, and hope that Democrats will be nice:

If we don’t stop it now, the Trumpist politics of “let’s tick off the liberals” is going to be devastating to religious liberty. The country as a whole is narrowly divided. As we saw last night in Alabama, it is possible to lose even safe Republican seats if what the party offers to voters is an embarrassing, bomb-throwing clown who only depresses Republican turnout and juices Democratic turnout. You simply cannot rely on the instincts of Republican voters to pull the lever for any yellow dog the party puts up. (And note well that it wasn’t the DC party that ran Roy Moore, but a plurality of Alabama Republican voters that put him in the race.) And you can’t live in such a bubble that you don’t pay attention to the effect your candidates have on incentivizing Democrats and Independents to vote against the GOP.

To repeat Lance Kinzer’s advice: Religious conservatives must be realistic about the fact that we are a minority in this country now, and that we face a very difficult political environment.

Almost makes you want to cheer for the lions, doesn't it. No wonder young men want nothing to do with Churchianity and the Gospel of Judeo-Christ. I certainly don't either.

Americans are a minority in the USA now too. But that doesn't mean they are going to stay that way.