Saturday, December 16, 2017

All-Out War - Overturning the Election - By The Curmudgeon

Klein is basically an investigative reporter who has written a great book on the efforts to reverse the results of the 2016 presidential election. It is an old fashioned type report based on facts with little opinion.
He details how three major institutions have banded together to destroy the Trump presidency. These are the Deep State (the permanent bureaucratic government in DC), Congress, and the “streets.” There is also most of the media which acts as the propaganda department for these institutions. On Inauguration Day in 2017, the Washington Post announced that the campaign to impeach Trump had begun and then did everything it could to support that campaign.
The main actors have been Democrats, the Washington intelligence bureaucracies, the media, and some RINOs (politicians who are Republican In Name Only). Klein shows how these elements created the whole Russian collusion crisis. First, Obama’s Department of Justice succeeded in obtaining a FISA warrant to surveill Trump’s campaign after twice being denied by the FISA court. Then Susan Rice got Obama to lower the classification level of the information obtained so that it could be disseminated to all Washington intelligence agencies. The Obama bureaucrats there then leaked this information to the media and it has been the basis of the hysteria we see today based on the implication that any contact must be collusion. Before the election the New York Times declared the leaked material to show no collusion, but switched to claiming collusion after Trump had won.
The anti-Trump elites were certain a new “Ascendant America” coalition of minority, Millennial, and single women voters would bring victory. But when Trump won by appealing to mainly white working class Americans, the movement to derail his presidency began. First there was the recount in some Mid-Western states and then an appeal to electors to abandon their duty to vote for Trump. When that did not work the Russian collusion story hit full stride and it was open season against the President.
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Various liberal billionaires backed this campaign with Soros being the most evident. They were all for open borders and a global government based on environmental regulations. It was basically wealthy white donors against working class whites. This movement was called the “Resistance” and allied itself with the Democrat Party. Much of this effort was based on a fake intelligence dossier which the Democrats helped fund and the media disseminated.
But the main point is that the peaceful transfer of power has largely disappeared from presidential politics. The last four presidents have faced a “crisis of legitimacy.” Clinton was impeached over a matter which would have previously been considered a legal and personal sideshow. Bush faced eight years of claims of illegitimacy because he had won the electoral college but lost the popular vote. Obama then faced questions about his birth because he had a foreign father who abandoned him and a mother who liked to live overseas. But Trump has faced the strongest challenge in what has been called a “nationwide orgy of rage and spite.”
This intensity is beginning to resemble the state of American politics before the Civil War. The anti-Trump forces want to create a country where the majority of voters are dependent on the welfare state. The Trump forces want to return America to being more dependent on business and economic growth. This is why there is a battle to overturn the results of the election and the result is unforeseeable at this point.
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