Thursday, December 14, 2017

Vox Popoli: The Deep State and degeneracy

Anonymous Conservative sees a connection between The Last Closet and Pizzagate:

The media conglomerates formed because someone realized that if the microwave company owned the TV Station, they would get free mentions for their microwave, and sell more and make more profit, and then they would get the profits from the TV Station too. It was win-win, times a hundred.

Soon, the media company formed as TV stations bought radio outlets, publishing houses, movie production companies, and magazines. It could put mentions in books, magazines, in news stories on the radio station, in news broadcasts on TV stations, and on and on. Wasted airspace in the news show was now producing income because of stories about products the media company sold. The softdrinks in the concessions at the theme parks could be in paper cups with the latest movie’s graphics, while the soft drink company bought advertising on the TV station that featured the movie’s actors promoting their movie in the softdrink ad. It is all one giant corporate advertising circle-jerk, which will drown out any smaller business beneath the tsunami of free mentions for the big company’s products. Use things like hypnotic techniques and market analysis to optimize the return on advertising effort and investment, and nothing could stop the machine.

The media companies either formed or bought publishing houses because it was easy money. Take something cheap to produce and utterly moronic like Fifty Shades, and promote it for free on your media platform with news stories and puff pieces, and you can reap hundreds of millions from the books, movies, and whatever else. Licensed sex toys, clothing, posters, and on and on. And as Fifty Shades takes off, you use it to build actors and talent that can promote other stuff, and mention products in the movies which you want mentioned for other profits elsewhere. Even the first book promoted the second and third, which themselves promoted other stuff. It was the world’s biggest corporate advertising circle-jerk.

Of course the Deep State has its tentacles in the machine too. Where there is power and money there is control, and Deep State made sure it owned the key players in that machine, so it could control the machine.

One does wonder how so many broken, damaged, dysfunctional people seem to somehow keep winding up on top, no matter how often they underperform or fail. It's almost as if someone, somewhere, wants those sort of people running things.

But then, it is always wise to remember that when Satan offered Jesus Christ all the kingdoms of the world, Jesus didn't see fit to dispute whether the offer was a genuine one.