Friday, October 5, 2018

Vox Popoli: Fake Right confirmed (Compared to what?)

The Fake Right is well to the Left of conservatives and even anti-American neocons like Ben Shapiro:

In an article on today’s “Daily Stormer” web site, mixed in with stories supporting Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh, Andrew Anglin and Weev published an article in which they lauded the cowardly attack by Jordan Hunt on a pro-life woman.

In the article, “Roy Batty”, most likely another one of Anglin’s sock-puppet pseudonyms, compared the soy-boy Jordan Hunt to Chuck Norris, and sided with Hunt when he called journalist Ben Shapiro a “Nazi” in a Tweet after the attack.

The article went on to attack all pro-life activists and conservatives, whom they said worshiped “Cuck Jesus”. It is clear that this is all being done in an effort to make Trump supporters and conservatives look as insane and degenerate as possible.

In another recent article, Anglin said that not just pro-life women, but all women “deserve to be beaten, raped and locked in cages“.

While it is easy to dismiss this all as just the rantings of Neo-Nazi loons, many on the Alt-Right still read and support the Daily Stormer web site. Some are even gullible enough to send these operatives donations via cryptocurrency.

The Daily Stormer first tried to influence the Alt-Right, by egging on the attendees at the fatal Charlottesville rally, and calling for violence. Later on, after the debate on the right about “optics”, Anglin or his handlers decided to align themselves with the “Alt-Light” or the “New Right”, and to pick up the American flag and declare themselves conservatives.

So, the Fake Right are pro-abortion, pro-socialist, anti-American, anti-Christian racial imperialists. They wrap themselves in the godless symbolism of the Left-wing Enlightenment free speech movement and worship death with all the enthusiasm of Hindu devotees of Kali; they are anti-God, anti-King, and anti-Nation.

Does that sound even remotely right-wing to you?

They are not Alt-Right, they are not Alternative Right, they are not Right at all. They are, and have always been, Fake Right. Anglin, Spencer, Auernheimer, Enoch, and Kessler are not right-wing extremists, they are left-wing activists and political performance artists. I pointed this out some time ago in my debate with Anglin on National Socialism.

They are just as much media-elevated approved opposition as the Intellectual Dark Web. The media hates the real Nationalist Right, which is the genuine alternative to the failed American conservative movement. Notice that the Fake Right has no connection to La Lega, to AfD, to Fidesz, to the SVP, to UKIP, to the Social Liberal Party, to Generation Identitaire, or to any of the other nationalist parties gaining strength across Europe. To the extent any of them even knew what it was, they even opposed Brexit.

Fake News created the Fake Right.

UPDATE: I am not interested in Alt-Retards putting on their clown nose and claiming "ur dur it's just satire, ha, so funny!" To the extent this sort of nonsense can be considered "satire" it is retarded, unamusing, ineffective, and counterproductive. All that we need to know about the Fake Right is that it is a) anti-Christian and b) anti-Nationalist. They are not on our side and anyone who supports them is not permitted to comment on this blog.

If you think it's funny, that's fine. I understand that there are those who think John Oliver and Trevor Noah are funny too. In my opinion, you're all literally retarded and your participation in the discourse here is undesirable.