Saturday, October 20, 2018

Vox Popoli: They moved in place

The civic nationalists just don't realize it yet.
That’s an important thing our side needs to grasp. For most white people, individualism, civic nationalist, anti-racism and so forth are what define their life as a citizen. To abandon those things would be the same as moving to another country. People do walk away from the friends and family to start new lives. Many of the people reading this have ancestors they knew, who left the old familiar to become Americans. For most Americans, though, this is the destination, so leaving it is like abandoning the point of their life.

The reality is, America is going to be a majority- minority country, at least while it remains a country. There is no changing that demographic reality. Robert Stacy McCain is right about “summoning men of goodwill to our banner.” We will need numbers to contend with the rising brown tide that threatens the West. It’s the “goodwill” part that our side must always keep in mind. Converting these normies is about convincing them that rooting for your own team is the moral thing to do, the thing men of goodwill do. That’s our challenge.

Key phrase: "while it remains a country". It won't. It can't. The empire is already observably in decline and unsustainable. The USA can no longer be considered a nation-state because the state is no longer synonymous with the nation.

The lies will not hold. They never do over time. All the nonsense about "men of goodwill" and "patriots bleed red" and "creedal nations" will no longer be believed by anyone, anywhere. It's already rejected by anyone of significant intelligence who is paying attention. So, signal your virtue all you like, proclaim the "Brotherhood of Man" to your heart's content, avert your eyes from the terrible reality if you must, but none of it will make any difference to those to whom you are so desperately signaling when the Red Horse rides.

The challenge posed by Zman isn't wrong, it's just irrelevant. It won't be too much longer before the ships are sunk and the caravans are strafed, because mass immigration is invasion.