Monday, October 8, 2018

I’m Coming Out Of The ‘Conspiracy Closet’ – By James McDougall

·         The Facts:
A growing number of us don't believe the world is run the way we’ve been told by mainstream media and in school. However, it is often challenging to open up to family and friends about our views for fear of being ridiculed, and even exiled.
·         Reflect On:
Why are some of us so scared to speak up? Is it possible to say what we believe without damaging our reputations and relationships? We must not only think about what information we share, but that we share it with humility and an open heart.   

Hello, I’m James, and I’m coming out of the conspiracy closet, also known as the bunker.
I’ve been a free thinker since before I can remember, always asking questions and not just accepting the status quo. My Dad gave me the book “Was God An Astronaut?” when I was in my teens and I remember something about that book just really opening my mind to so many possibilities, thinking for days on end about how the pyramids were built, or wondering if humans were in fact somehow created by alien beings that seeded life on earth.
As I delved deeper down the rabbit hole, I started seeing the world very differently, learning about hidden energies, false flag attacks (which undeniably have happened throughout history), and really creepy stuff like Bohemian Grove, where, if you didn’t know, some of the world’s elite dress in black robes, have a mock (or maybe real) human sacrifice, and burn a massive wooden owl in effigy. The owl represents conscience–yes, they are literally burning their conscience for the year so they can justify not having one. I think we can agree this is a bit strange, and shows us how these people are not how they portray themselves to the world.
Scared To Speak Up
There are many reasons I’ve come up with for NOT speaking out. “People might think I’m crazy,” or, since I work as an actor, “I’m in the entertainment industry, I don’t want to get blacklisted.” I sometimes have even more serious concerns, like becoming a targeted individual, or being killed for saying too much. There have been many different stories I’ve made up over the years to not actually say what I believe. But where does this fear come from? For that, I have had to look within.
In many cases when we’re experiencing fear about something, it’s just our own shadow that’s frightening us. I’m starting to see that now, and I’m learning over time to be more open about my beliefs. I find that when I am, I’m usually surprised at how receptive people are, and how many people share similar thoughts and ideas but don’t talk about them. It’s a large number and it’s growing by the day.
Those Awkward Family Dinners
With Thanksgiving coming up, I’ve been reflecting on the many times my family dinners have gotten a bit, well, awkward, to say the least. The gun debate seems like an easy one if you believe that there’s an ever-growing tyrannical government that’s infringing on our freedoms by the day, but if you don’t see that, I can’t blame you for thinking the world might be safer if civilians did not have easy access to guns. This topic alone is enough to end a family get-together with a blowout.

But does any of that really even matter? Are we all just getting caught up in the minute details? Are we being systematically divided? I’m pretty sure that’s what’s happening y’all. That’s what my gut instinct says. A huge lesson in Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War is ‘divide and conquer.’ That’s what I feel is happening to us.
Divided by gender, race, sex, religion, sports team, political party, favorite professional wrestler, believing if Burt and Ernie are gay or not, (seriously, there was legit outrage about this recently) and the list goes on and on. This is how we’re getting pitted against each other. I know it’s not a new idea but it’s one worth looking deeper into for sure–and you can to that here.
How We Can’t Change The World
We can’t change our lives and the world by sitting around bickering with each other about small details, especially since they are just a minuscule percentage of the many symptoms emerging from the DISTRACTION MECHANISMS that are in place to keep our focus away from who we truly are and what we’re capable of. The fact is that once we start opening up to and really see the bigger picture, small political debates about policies and left/right issues seem totally frivolous. It’s like a doctor focusing on a stubbed toe when the patient actually has a stage 4 brain tumor.
Top of Form

Bottom of Form
Nothing is going to change if we keep believing that it really makes a difference as to who gets into office. That is the magic trick, the sleight of hand, being drawn to what the magician is telling us to look at. If we want to catch the trick we need to focus on what he doesn’t want us to see, which is often what we ourselves are scared to look at.
So, all that being said, this wild journey of discovery has lead me to Collective Evolution. I’ve been working with the incredible team and helping to build CETV, which we are all really excited about. We have some mind-blowing content coming soon. I believe in the idea of conscious media greatly. Don’t get caught up in the outrage trap. Love and light!
The Takeaway
Overall, I believe it comes down to this: we need to speak our truth in order to bring ‘light’ to ‘darkness’. Plain and simple, if awakened individuals stay silent about their beliefs, the powers that be will remain strong, and the collective consciousness of humanity will not expand. Keep challenging your beliefs, keep growing and expanding your consciousness, keep learning from others, and most importantly, keep seeking truth–just don’t be afraid to speak up when you find it.

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