Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Normalcy Bias and the Fourth Turning – The Burning Platform

Hat tip The Feral Irishman
There is an article on Zerohedge discussing the Fourth Turning which places America in the same 80-100 year cycle, or what is called a “saecula”  as it was during the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Great Depression and World War II. This is something I had been thinking about for some time, not the saecula, I’m not that smart.
I was thinking about how we are in a time that seems natural. Okay, getting here required a lot of manipulation over generations of the average working folks first indoctrinated into the concept of communism through labor unions. Labor unions are about the only functional thing a communist can produce and its success is often used to transition the working person into the communist ideology, i.e., the collectivist urge, but it never acknowledges the ultimately corrosive nature of the relationship between employer and employee. Eventually, the rising costs of avoiding strikes prices the goods beyond the point where the employee can afford to purchase it, except out of loyalty and all consumers do not share that loyalty, so they find cheaper alternatives, killing the host.
While the adults were being indoctrinated into the collectivist fold as a means to better their lives, the children were indoctrinated into the concept of the “goodness” of the state, because they were being taught in state-run schools by teachers who benefited from the collectivist notion of labor unions. The media swung hard left to back up and substantiate this indoctrination.
Where the sense that this is all natural, despite the manipulations employed, is that everything in nature is in the process of growth or decay. In 1776 the British Empire was reaching its apex of growth and was beginning the process of decay. In 1860 the United States had grown from a fledgling republic to a world power, but the Constitution adopted in 1787 was at that 80 year mark and had taken as many assaults as it could stand and something had to break.
Everything has its own set of hypocrisies. Free speech is great, but through free speech comes the weapons with which to abolish free speech, so it cannot be completely free, but when it is restrained enough to guarantee it, it is essentially lost. The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms works until the proliferation of arms puts too many in the hands of those who would use them to overthrow the system that guarantees it, but the minute that right is diminished in any way, it establishes the means to regulate it out of existence. Assisted fully by a communist dominated media.
Eventually, these hypocrisies on enough levels and concerning enough areas of life leads naturally from freedom to bondage. Everything that makes us free costs us freedom, there is no way around it because human nature is a process of progression, it is never static. The minute one group can get another group to accept any concession whatsoever, it becomes the starting point for decline of one group and the starting point of ascension for the other. When the group that is ascending reaches its apex, it will come under attack and eventually fall by the same dynamics that it rose.
This is America in 2018. The communists in America have been growing stronger and stronger, using the institutions of the republic against itself, demanding more and more concessions. The communists feel they are at their best and can topple the republic. The manifestations of this truth are groups like BLM that call for the assassination of police officers with the support of some in government; Antifa that aggressively assault Trump supporters does so with support from some of those in government; caravans of illegal immigrants seeking to break down the border between Mexico and the United States with the support of some of those in government signal that the destruction of America is being abetted by those in government.
That belief comes from the concessions already made by normal Americans, who do not generally see aggressive actions being taken against them individually. They don’t recognize an assault on their institutions for what it is, a crumbling of the republic on a piece by piece basis. They accept some reductions of free speech as a means to keep the peace in their relations with other Americans who might come from different cultures or backgrounds. They accept some reductions in the right to keep and bear arms as a means to keep peace with authorities. They accept some reductions in their right to privacy as a means enhance their security.
But, when none of these concessions keep the peace with others, with authorities or make them safer, they begin to question the wisdom of those concessions. This is evident in 2018 on a number of levels. The effort to avoid labels of racist, bigot, homophobe, Islamophobe have not worked. They are still labeled as such no matter how compliant they are to the new dictates of the communists behind them and a growing rebellion is the result.
While there is no way to unravel the complex and interconnected web of deceit and insurgency behind the communist putsch through peaceful means, there is a chance to swing the balance of power more into line with the republic and away from the communists. That chance is offered up in the 2018 election. The communists have put their best foot forward, but a way to kick that foot out from under them would be a resounding defeat in the 2018 election; not as a solution, but as a statement and encouragement to others to resist the communist narratives
The election will solve nothing other than to deal a defeat to the communists who have been on a winning streak for a very long time. It would be one small defeat, but at this point they have suffered none. The Bret Kavanaugh confirmation was but the result of a skirmish. It was like a scaled down version of Fort Sumpter. It hardened hearts and clearly marked the divisions, the tactics and the winning response to those tactics.
The communists will use false flags, they will use deception and they will use the power of government to punish their enemies and reward friends. But, the election of 2018 could (I don’t say would, because that is unclear) enable Trump to go after the deep state in a way that exposes some of the communists as actual traitors and subject them to punishment as such. That is an optic that could result in others choosing to defect rather than suffer the same punishment.
Even unraveling some of the diabolical actions of deep state actors will not solve the institutional problems America has with countering communism. That is a long and difficult road that cannot rule out that violence might be inflicted upon the republic on the idea that some have been brought to justice. In fact, that might drive violence for which the republic must be prepared to counter. Communism has to be engaged aggressively and in every arena encountered up to and including victory in a civil war.
Therefore it is vital that Americans recognize that the attacks upon their institutions are not individual issues, but are coordinated to appear that way while the overall strategy of complete destruction is implemented.