Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Vox Popoli: Darkstream: In Defense of the US Border

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

The problem is that Americans don't understand that the frontier closed over one hundred years ago. These people are not coming to America to become Americans, they're invading America to demand tribute. There's an old saying about the Danegeld: once you pay the Danegeld you'll never be rid of the Dane. The United States brought in immigrants, brought in refugees, and all they did was encourage more. And that's why the United States is falling apart.

The average IQ has fallen by as much as eight points. The country is literally stupefying itself, enstupidating itself, however you want to describe it, the country is actively lowering its standard of living and its ability to maintain its infrastructure. It is not sustainable. Trump understands what is politically possible better than me, that's true, but it's not about politics. War is not about politics. When Clausewitz talks about war being politics by other means, that's the whole point, it's about other means. Once you're in the realm of defending borders, that's not something that you need to win support for, you either do it or you don't, and if you don't do it then you have failed. It's that simple.

Gordon says the entire West is infested with that mentality. That's absolutely true and it's not an accident. It's a mentality that has been pushed systematically on the West by a coalition of peoples whose interests are intrinsically anti-Western. It's not a single group of people. It's not just the Jews, it's not just the socialists, it's not just the various immigrant peoples,  it is a coalition of peoples whose interests are in general opposed to the interests of the Western people.

Now the West has brought it on itself, you know. The fact that the West colonized these other countries, the fact that the West imposed their economic systems and their currencies and their legal systems and everything else on other countries, is now coming back to bite the West. This is a normal reaction to empire. If you study the empires of the past, whether you study the Athenian empire, whether you study the Roman empire, whether you look at some of the Chinese empires, whether you look at the German empire, whether you look at the British empire, all of these empires were fundamentally weakened by the nature of their having established their rule over foreign nations because it's a relationship that goes both ways. When you set up a colony in another nation you obviously affect that nation, but that nation also affects you. That's why the Dutch have an issue with the people who obtain Dutch citizenship through living in the Netherlands Antilles.

This is a historical pattern that repeats itself over and over and over again, and the logic of empire is what is now destroying the United States empire
. People say, well, you know, the US is not an empire, we don't have an emperor. Well, who was the emperor of the Athenian empire? You can't name it,  there wasn't one, because an empire is not about what you call the ruler or rulers, it's fundamentally about whether one nation is ruling over a series of other nations or not.

A reader is reminded of the historical cycle described in the ancient Chinese classic:
The latest Darkstream immediately brought to mind the famous opening lines of Three Kingdoms:

“Here begins our tale. The empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been.”

The urge to unite speaks to man’s hubris and arrogance, and the eventual division, to the inevitable end of that folly and hubris.