Friday, October 5, 2018

Note to Mentors - We are back home and getting slowly reoriented to posting in the archive.

When you spend almost half a year traveling in an RV visiting your far flung family, the hard work is the preparation for the trip and after you return - it's basically moving twice a year!
We have been doing that now for almost 20 years - 14 in the RV - and hope to continue as long as God wills or until we get thrown out by our families:)
In any case, I look to return to my task - slowly - and we begin today with a very fundamental question - 'Is the civic nationalism that we were all taught in school a valid or workable governing policy?'
If you ask me - almost everything I learned in school about America and its history - is WRONG!
That is not a pleasant discovery! But the facts on the ground are proving it - almost daily.
Read the comments by Vox Day and the full text by the Zman,
More to come!