Monday, June 10, 2019

52nd Anniversary of President LBJ’s Treasonous Attack - By Phillip F. Nelson

THIS VIDEO (CLICK HERE) includes interviews with many of the sailors and officers aboard the Liberty, and contemporaneous navy brass, who knew the attack was no accident.
As I’ve detailed in the book Remember the Liberty! there is no other realistic explanation for why Israel would knowingly attack a U.S. warship: That LBJ viewed the ship’s destruction, and America’s joining Israel in a nuclear attack on Egypt as the key to another “false flag” operation to ensure a second landslide election for him the following year, is the only plausible explanation that checks all the boxes of otherwise unexplained enigmas (merely a few of the many):
  • The fact that planning for this “spontaneous” war had begun as early as 1965;
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  • That specific documented evidence was discovered to connect the White House (the “303 Committee”) to this planning;
  • That numerous records exist of U.S. military resources (training and monitoring personnel, aircraft and intelligence data) being committed to the operation before and during the operation;
  • That Israel had jammed the precise radio channels used by the Liberty during the attack, yet attempted to lay blame on having confused the Liberty with an old Egyptian ship that had not been in service for months;
  • Further to the previous point, the pretext of blaming the attack on “confusion” was belied by the fact that radio transmissions exist of Israeli orders to the pilots of the fighter jets to attack the ship, acknowledging that it was American;
  • That the original plan, had the attack succeeded and the Liberty sunk — blaming Egypt for the attack — was absurd, since the Israeli IDF had destroyed their air force the first day of the war (thus possibly explaining why Israel started the war four days early as a way to attempt to scuttle that part of the operation).
  • Further to the point about indications of Israeli diffidence — their awareness that the original plan was fraught with implausible questions — the fact that the first four torpedoes they fired at a virtual “sitting duck” all missed their target when there was nothing to prevent them from getting as close as necessary to the ship to guarantee their hitting it begs the question: Were they really intending to sink the ship, or merely to assuage a psychotic U.S. president?
For a more complete understanding of Lyndon Johnson’s psychotic plan to sink his own ship in order to save his presidency (the only book on this subject which provides this compelling explanation) please read Remember the Liberty!
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