Thursday, June 13, 2019

Is War Imminent? Are there any grownups in Washington?

If you look at the various elements that went into the US victory in the two World Wars and the Cold War, the most striking observation is that virtually none of those elements apply anymore. Whether one considers the potential industrial base, the national demographics, or the geography, it is readily apparent that a) the United States is in the position of WWII-era Germany and b) China is in the position of the WWII-era USA.

Could Russia survive an American first strike? Perhaps in the future. But America lacks any competent defenses at all; we have nothing like the S-400, S-500 and the above hypersonic ABM, not mention its secretive lasers.
My writings on such dangers here on this site are not my most popular work; in fact, I feel very much as Putin does, almost like Cassandra: will no one understand the dangers, will no one speak out? Where are the protests? Where are the calls to Washington to reign in its aggression?
Putin has made a plea. I have made mine here.