Monday, June 3, 2019

Vox Popoli: They just love freedom so much (Are Conservatives, DaGOP and Churchians literally too stupid to keep our country? What say we look at the evidence! - CL)

That's why Africans are now crossing Mexico just to become Real Americans just as American as you or George Washington:

Border authorities nabbed a group of 116 illegal immigrants from Africa this week, saying it’s the first time they’ve found Africans taking advantage of the large-group tactic Central American migrants have learned to abuse.

The Africans were caught Thursday night near the border crossing in Del Rio, Texas — though instead of presenting themselves at the port of entry, they jumped the border, an official told reporters.

Like Central American groups, this one was comprised of children and families, and appeared to be attempting to exploit the same loopholes the Central Americans discovered they could use to gain an illegal foothold in the U.S. and escape deportation.

“Bring a child, get released,” said a Customs and Border Protection official.

CBP said the group included people from Angola, Cameroon and Congo. Other African migrants have previously benefitted from the family loophole, but never in such a single large group.

At this point, I think it is abundantly clear that the only correct response to the average conservative, Republican, or civic nationalist who insists on babbling about "a nation of immigrants", the "melting pot", or "hard-working people in search of a better life for their children" is a straightforward punch in the face.

These idiots are literally too stupid to understand anything else. That, or they are willing to sell out their nation, their country, and their children in order to virtue-signal, which is considerably worse.

Yes, conservatives and Republicans, I am speaking directly to YOU. All of you. You were stupid. You were wrong. You have aided and abetted and assisted in the destruction of the USA. It is not and it was NEVER about the illegality, it was ALWAYS about the quantity of the immigration.

There is not a single argument that you have made in defense of Mexican immigrants that cannot be made on behalf of African and Chinese and Indian immigrants. And while there are only 130 million people in Mexico, there are 4 billion people in Africa, China, and India.

You were, and are, literally too stupid to keep your country. Even the Eastern Bloc communists, for all their economic illiteracy, have turned out to be smarter than you. I just wonder what it is going to take for you to finally admit that you're wrong, the cannibals next door spit-roasting neighborhood children on an open fire in their front yard?