Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Indispensable Factor in Starting a War – Propaganda! And we are getting it good and hard!

First – did you know?
People rarely take time to deeply reflect on the uniquely important fact that our species came within a hair’s breadth of total annihilation during the Cuban missile crisis. We learned long after it was all over that the only reason a nuclear-armed Soviet submarine didn’t discharge its payload on the US Navy and set off a full-scale nuclear exchange between the US and the USSR was because one of the three men in the sub needed to authorize the weapon’s use stood against the other two and refused. That man’s name was Vasili Arkhipov, and he’s responsible for the fact that you and everyone you love exists today. There’s a good PBS documentary about the event on YouTube if you’re curious.
Read the whole thing. Shall I say nuclear war has consequences?

Also, what happened to General Patton during and after WW 2?
American Pravda: Was General Patton Assassinated? – What was he planning to do?

You see, propaganda is important to start a war – and then the results need to be hidden from sight and covered up!

Yes – Americans can and have behaved just like every other conquering army in history!

FACT – Propaganda needs lies to start a war, which then unleash the worst natures of mankind upon one another – ending in the requirement to hide the facts from public view. Why? Who benefits?

So here we are again – we are told on a daily basis that Iran is about to destroy the US, Israel and the whole world – so we must do something. QUICK – before they do it! DaShiiteCrescent is about to draw down DaCurtain on humanity!!!!!!!
Look at this map - 
An excellent perspective by David Stockman is here.

Final question to Christians: If we are a Christian nation as some claim us to be, who are we serving when we blindly follow our warhawks in DC?