Sunday, June 2, 2019

Of Jews, Chinese, and Other Forbidden Thoughts!

It has become a truism – especially in our politically correct culture - “To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?” - which many falsely attribute to Voltaire.

Today, Vox Day addresses the first two – here and here. When reading Vox Day articles BE SURE TO READ THE COMMENTS by his readers – I find many of them extremely informative.

These two are not the first posts on the subject. Last year, I posted this - "Blacks, Jews and You" by Linh Dinh – one of the most insightful articles ever written. Here is my introduction to it. The article is here.

As you gather by his name, Linh Dinh is Vietnamese – he has traveled all over the world and I have a whole collection archived in DaLimbrawLibrary. I respect his writings because he deals in REALITY - read them! Also, remember to use the library as your word search tool – try it!

Finally, one of the most difficult aspects of mentoring is facing unpleasant or 'unacceptable' truths - I call it wishful thinking - similar to expecting DaGOP or Conservatives actually doing something significant in governing - but they are good at whining about it. 

Always, if you're new here - - for orientation!

What say we GIT-ER-DUN! EH?