Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Vox Popoli: Don't wait to have kids (Be sure to read the comments at the Vox Day blogsite.)

And listen to GenX, not the idiot Boomers. You'll be glad you did:

Kirstie Allsopp has slammed young couples who wait until their thirties to have children.

The Location, Location, Location presenter, 47, took to Twitter on Wednesday to urge women in their twenties not to wait until they 'have more money or feel ready', and to save their money for 'proper childcare', instead of splashing on lavish weddings and expensive houses.

Expressing her frustration at millennials who tell her they want 'a few more years of fun', she argued that 'nothing will ever be more fun than children'.

Kirstie also revealed her regret at waiting until she was 35 and 37 to have her sons Bay, 11, and Oscar, nine, admitting that she was 'too old' to have a third, and had only waited until her thirties to start a family as she hadn't met the right man.

However her impassioned Twitter thread sparked a heated debate, with many followers warning her that her message was putting unnecessary pressure on young couples, and could panic women into starting families.... Slamming the TV presenter's message, one follower wrote: 'Stop telling women in their late 20s they’re running out of time to have kids. It’s so damaging.' Another argued that millennials should be allowed to live their lives to the full while they were still commitment-free, so they wouldn't feel they missed out later.

The problem is that no one feels they've missed out more than a woman who focuses on having fun during her fertile years only to discover that she missed out on motherhood. Don't wait. You won't regret it.