Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Dealing With DaEstablishment Mafia – it is ALWAYS with us!

In every age throughout human history, there has always been an establishment – which, from its ability to gain power, develops into a tyrannical Mafia – simple and unrestrained human nature. Welcome to DaWorld!

There is not a single institution exempt from its ever present tentacles.

Science and medicine? - I feel that I do understand ‘science’, whatever that means exactly. Or at least I understand the scientific method. Which primarily consists of questioning everything – and feeling free do to so. One thing I do know is that anyone who states that the science is settled, and inarguable, and all the experts agree, and must therefore be right – clearly does not understand anything about science. At all.

Education - a study

When Losing Is Winning in Germany for AfD - By Thomas Luongo - The trend is in motion. The older generation, the Baby Boomers, have failed to make their case to the younger ones. They have lost the moral legitimacy to rule and the thread of history.
They have simply grasped onto the reins of power and will hold on to the bitter end because their lack of humanity, being post-modernist, secular humanist Marxist scum, tells them to.
The best way to beat them is to hand them the rope they so willingly grasp for while drowning and let them tie it around their own neck. They created the mess that’s in motion. They should be in power when the bills come due.

And as usual, Vox Day explains: The failure of the neo-liberal order - Liberal hegemony has become simply another name for rule by neoclown. And since the neoclown objectives have remained essentially unchanged since Trotsky advocated world revolution, liberal hegemony will never accomplish its stated goals because it's not even working towards them. So, the important conclusion is not that liberal hegemony HAS NOT worked as advertised, it is that it CANNOT POSSIBLY do so.

Yes, I know – so much to read – so little time!