Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Vox Popoli: They care about white bears (but not about white people)

Why don't they care about white people?

The polar bear’s unique set of genetic adaptations could be lost

Some of the recent pizzly sightings in Canada are now second generation hybrids, dominated by grizzly DNA.

“When I say hybrids I’m referring to half polar bear and half grizzly bear. But I know of four individuals that are three quarters grizzly and one quarter polar bear. So we have a hybrid mating with a grizzly bear and we get a second generation that is three quarters grizzly,” says Derocher.

The dominance of grizzly DNA is a concern to both Derocher and Lorenzen, who suggest that polar bears’ unique genetic traits that allow them to live on sea ice and survive on a high fat diet of seals, might ultimately lose out to the dominant population of grizzlies.

“Ultimately, one species will be integrated into the other, and it’s likely that it will be polar bears that integrate into brown bears,” say Lorenzen.

“As polar bears are forced to go on land and interbreed with brown bears then the selective pressures for being able to metabolise fatty acids--that polar bears need--won’t be important any more. So these will likely be lost. Now if that’s your definition of a polar bear then that will be lost as well,” she says.

This is what happens when you let your rhetoric get too far ahead of your dialectic. Sooner or later, even the most casual observers begin to notice the intrinsic contradictions between your various positions. There is absolutely no rational reason why white people who are being relentlessly indoctrinated into the cause of sacrificing their unique set of genetic adaptations to the gods of diversity, equality, and inclusivity should give even a fraction of a quantum of a damn about white bears losing their unique set of genetic adaptations.

Extinction is just diversity in action.