Thursday, September 26, 2019

Vox Popoli: Shut up and go home, conservatives

If you're not willing to actually fight for America, Western civilization, and Jesus Christ, you're literally worse than useless:

Big Conservatives can’t have it both ways. Either there is a war between the Left and the rest of us or there is not. If there is a war, then leftists compose the enemy, an adversary that, not unlike any other adversary in war, needs to be destroyed.

Half-measures, to say nothing of such emphatically un-war-like activities as “reaching across the aisle” and dialoguing, are to be rejected unless and only if they can end hostilities on terms that do not contribute to the “fundamental transformation” of our civilization.

Big Conservatives who constantly call on their audiences to help them “fight” the Left need to decide whether they endorse Politics As Conversation or Politics As War.

They scarcely ever fail to use the rhetoric of war, and spend no small amount of time pointing out to their listeners, viewers, and readers how and why it is that the Left truly is toxic to the survival of Western civilization and America. Yet they just as rarely advocate any measures that could reasonably be said to constitute strategies, or even tactics, against this enemy.

Big Conservatives seldom possess the stomach to even call the Left—which they convict of all sorts of crimes against humanity—as the enemy of our civilization. This is why so many of them distanced themselves from President Trump when he followed, impeccably followed, the logic of their own narrative to its inescapable conclusion by calling out the leftist media as “the enemy of the people.”

Of course, it’s true that the hyperbolic rhetoric that comprises the politics-as-war template for which the Big Conservative media is known is far more titillating—far better for circulation, ratings, and, thus, profits—than the terminology proper to politics-as-conversation.

But as Master Al said, since real fights are war, and nothing less than life-or-death is at stake in war, those who would become combatants must be willing to either “go big” or “go home.”

Conservatives are useless losers. Don't call yourself a conservative unless you too are a loser. Conservatives have conserved nothing - literally nothing - since Russell Kirk published his landmark work. It's a failed non-ideology.

Conservatives are as useless as bowties on a battlefield.