Saturday, October 26, 2019

Breaking Totalitarianism - By Karen Kwiatkowski

There is a reason the military industrial complex and the CIA in particular has been for decades the most powerful influencer in Hollywood.  As Etienne de la Boetie explained over 500 years ago, the monopoly of state power rests on the willing compliance of whole populations, gained by virtue of a very human need for a unifying story, and for each other’s approval.

The institution of the state appears as a dark menacing iceberg – imposing, intolerant, unmoving, and deadly.  The Orwellian future of “a boot stamping on a human face—for ever” is a present reality, a present risk.  We are seeing this future/now in the treatment given by the dominant empire on the planet, the largest and most powerful empire that has ever existed on the planet, to a single man who competently challenged that empire with a small dose of transparency.

The torture and permanent destruction of the great mind of Julian Assange – continuing even after the state had extracted his encryption keys for Wikileaks, meaning even after the state has extracted the IP addresses, times, dates, content and ultimately the whistleblowers around the world who were inspired by ideas of truth and transparency over the past decade – is nothing more than a cruel exercise of evil, in the name of the citizens and taxpayers and patriots in those “free” and “good” states of the US and the UK. 
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The technologies that enabled Wikileaks to publish have evolved, and chasing these technologies, owning them and controlling them, using them against people in the name of state order, is Job 1 for the US Intelligence Community.  Trillions of black budgeted dollars in the US alone have created a problem for people everywhere, the American people specifically, and that problem needs to be solved.
We bear witness, via state-directed media, of kangaroo courts, star chambers, courtroom scenes straight out of Idiocracy, and it seems Hollywood.  CNBC and Reuters reported Tuesday that “[Julian Assange] appeared in good health, with his white hair combed back and wearing a navy suit over a light blue sweater and white shirt.”  As an afterthought, we read he understood very little, and was confused and couldn’t think.  But it’s all fine, he appeared in good health, in a clean outfit that he had been physically dressed in by his torturers for Monday’s court appearance.
CNBC doesn’t name the British judge at all, but she is a woman of mystery, Vanessa Baraitser, who in the past has been quite lenient, but now takes her orders regarding Assange from five American lawyers in the room, two of which whom were CIA.   The cheerful reporting by state media is designed to entertain and calm that remnant of the population that is paying attention.
We are witnessing a purge of those the state finds inconvenient, a purge we subsidize and consent to, an amoral passion play where everyone plays a part.
Meanwhile, Hans-Hermann Hoppe shared basic truths about state power, organization and monopoly to over 1,500 reflective Russians.  Is Russia the future of freedom, the new city on a hill, having already completed their end of empire, their secession, their financial collapse, now refreshed and rejuvenated?  Hoppe explained how smaller states rarely attempt war, usually due to lack of resources and inability to convince their involved and aware populations of the need for it.  But larger states, particularly democratic states, do seek war, empire and expansion.  The dictum taught to generations of political science students that we promote democracy around the world because democracies rarely make war (sub voce against each other, they qualify), like so much we have been taught, is utterly false!  Democracy invites popular, socialized and mandatory investment in state activity, and as we have long known and oft repeated, war is the health of the state.   Hoppe shared that states dependent on actual – not manufactured – consent embrace the idea of self government and the right to secession of villages, provinces and regions.  These states compete for their population, and earn every citizen’s confidence, or they fail.
Not so for the great democratic empire of the US, where walls and biometric identifications systems and “Homeland Security” and internal passports for movement have already been implemented.  The American history of secession is buried and scatologized, and any talk of dividing or reducing the vast empire is dangerous, traitorous talk.  The enemy of an empire in permanent decline is the very population it claims – a population the state views as tax-beasts, livestock, slaves and helots – a population that necessarily evolves against the state, here failing to identify with the empire, there no longer sharing a sense of belonging, now turning away, and ultimately disappearing.
We the people are the natural enemy of the empire.  The intellectual murder of Julian Assange and his physical murder to come, by our government, is a public message to all of us, direct from the soulless powers that be, our criminal Congress and the perfect parasite of the IC and the military industrial complex that we are owned, we are enslaved, we are worth only what the state says we are worth, and we must comply.
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Julian is the beneficiary of torture and mental destruction techniques perfected by CIA scientists and psychologists of the past, and all
empires have been well practiced in these dark arts. But in killing Assange, we can understand what frightens the state monopolies, the US empire, and its parasitic monsters of war, the most?  Not surprisingly, it is transparency. Who are these people?  How do they operate?  What have they stolen, lied about, destroyed?  Why do we subsidize them?  Can we eliminate them, and the institutions that empower them?
Certainly, this is not accomplished via democracy, via a vote or two.  It is changed by the story we tell, and the stories we believe.  Trump, in the days remaining to his presidency, has the power to change the story.  He should start with a presidential pardon for Julian Assange.
He should also immediately replace the Director of the CIA and FBI, and charge them and many of their subordinates, for the various crimes they have committed, relating to Assange, relating to his own presidency, relating to misuse of billions and billions of taxpayer dollars over the past decades.  Trump could also take real steps to end the overseas empire, and tend to the health of the domestic one – as he promised in his 2016 campaign.   What does he have to lose?
Breaking the CIA into a thousand pieces – even talking about it – is the kiss of death for any President. The Assange treatment stands as a message for journalists and for government and government contractor whistleblowers or truthtellers that everyone – from an elected President to leaders of political parties to CEOs and line workers – everyone must remain silent, compliant and invisible, or you will be mentally and physically destroyed.  That’s a story I cannot accept, and a mandate I will not obey.
There are not enough prisons for all of us, and once we realize we are building prisons for ourselves, the gig is up.  This is the brittle fragility of the US empire. The dark menacing unmoving iceberg of state power is an illusion; it can be shattered by a small set of harmonic vibrations, many of which are already in play.  However, the blood of tyrants is real.  In my last essay I advised those who have contributed to Wikileaks to run, to seek cover, as you are being hunted by the US and her allies, and they have the tools in hand to destroy you.  For the purveyors of state evil, I advise you to run as well.  History is not on your side.  Get out while you still can, while there is still time.
Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D. [send her mail], a retired USAF lieutenant colonel, farmer and aspiring anarcho-capitalist. She ran for Congress in Virginia's 6th district in 2012.
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