Sunday, October 13, 2019

Trump or Chump - which is he?

The next 12 months will determine much more than the results of another election. For anyone even half aware of politics, it should become obvious that the political struggle is not between Dems and Pubs – it is between the rulers and the ruled. If that is not yet clear to anyone here, it should be by the time you finish reading all the articles linked.

In order to understand the fundamental premise of today’s politics, you have to be aware of the Deep State. Doug Casey explains the basics. That is just one of the many articles archived in my library – just word search the term.

Throughout these articles, the common thread is that Donald Trump was elected by the American people, because they saw in his candidacy someone who spelled out the increasing discontent on the part of the average American – especially the middle class.

This was totally unexpected by the American elites – in fact, they were shocked! That explains why their political intent has become a full court press to declare the 2016 election illegitimate and simply remove him from office. So let’s look at what is going on.

Russiagate? Ukrainegate? President Trump is a Choir Boy Compared to Other Recent Presidents - By Robert Wenzel – some perspective here!

If you think a president can just issue orders and they would be carried out immediately, you don’t know DaSwamp! The DC Empire Prefers Confrontation With Russia to Dialogue and Cooperation - By Brian Cloughley – just one example.

Are we expecting too much of Trump? A good question - He’s The Only Trump We’ve Got—It’s Him (And Us) Against The Ruling Class

A month ago, Paul Craig Roberts wrote I Feel Sorry For President Trump – again, more perspective! He wrote: “All future presidents will have learned from Trump’s fate that their real job is to foment enough American enemies to keep the military/security complex’s budget expanding.  The United States will continue on its course toward war with its homemade adversaries.”
Did you get that? FACT – the federal budget is a cash cow for many, many interested parties!

So what happens now? “We are going to lose a president, who intended to mend America and restore peace, and our country along with him, because American peace and prosperity does not comply with the agendas of the elite who rule us.”  - from  Trump Is History and So Is the USA

How serious is this? Is America in Her Final Days? Will America Be Here Next Year, Next Decade? - In American politics, the oligarchs are accustomed to deciding with their campaign contributions who are the candidates for President, Senate, and House for both Republicans and Democrats. That way they stay in control regardless of which party wins the elections. Trump is an exception to this. Trump is the product of a people’s revolt.  It caught the oligarchs off guard.  They thought Hillary had it all wrapped up.  They are determined to get Trump out because they are fearful of having an outsider in the White House for 8 years.

If the American people allow this, they are destroying themselves.  If they believe any of the Democrat-military/security-presstitute propaganda, they are self-destructing.  

The question of our time is:  Do the American people have enough intelligence to survive?

The Democrats, military/security complex, and presstitutes are betting “No.”

Again – read - Who Rules Us by Eric Zuesse

The reality is grim. Do I have the answers? My website is just the beginning of the process.

My part is simply passing on what I read – the rest is up to you, folks.

As I keep saying, this mentoring thing ain’t pattycake!