Friday, October 4, 2019

Now I Can See DaEvilFED Monkey!

Long ago, I learned that discovering truth for us mortals is a process and not an end state. For me, that process began accelerating about 15 years ago as I increased my reading time, especially in matters concerning  Government/Religion/Politics/Culture.

That process also created a library which now has reached 5000 articles in the last 4+ years – almost all written by authors I read and respect – after all, that’s how I learned and keep learning.

This morning I read an article by Gary D. Barnett, which connected so many dots which I had seen before, but somewhat vaguely. They all lined up today.

In prior summation posts like this one, I have focused on various specific topics – war, economy (I call it Fedonomics), education, culture, religion, ignorance, fake news, etc. etc.
Have you ever noticed a coincidence – or was it? DaFED was started in 1913 – what followed was the bloodiest century in human history!

And guess what country is now the biggest spender in endless wars to this day?

DaLimbrawLibrary – right here and right now – can provide an education in reality to anyone who has the intellectual curiosity to learn WTF is going on in this world – all thanks to the wonderful and insightful writers and researchers who provide the material for reading.

All I have done is consolidated the authors and their writings into one database for convenient research – roughly categorized and word searchable – yes, it is biased to my alternate or dissident right viewpoint – often highlighted by me for certain BIASED emphasis. As Rush used to say: “I AM equal time!”

If you haven’t gotten there already, here is my discovery today!

The Federal Reserve System causes economic chaos and financial ruin. This has always been the case. It harms liberty, and is largely responsible for almost unlimited funding of the military state and its wars of aggression. It enriches the elite class of rulers, while affording them power over all others. It is the bane of any free society. It should not be “reformed” or audited by its creators; it should simply be abolished.
“The Federal Reserve System is not Federal; it has no reserves; and it is not a system at all, but rather, a criminal syndicate.” Eustace Mullins