Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Dark Ages – NOW?

Several articles I read this past week led me to ask that question. However, the first thing we need is some background on definition of the term as well as history.

Z-Man provides both: The term began to fall out of usage as scholars gained a better understanding of the middle ages. The period described as dark, in terms of human accomplishment began to recede, eventually covering just the period immediately after Rome. Eventually the term fell out of fashion altogether, first because it was not terribly accurate and then because the usual suspects got involved. The image of dark versus light was seen as problematic, so now using the term is a microaggression.
That’s a good point to wonder if the West has not already entered a new dark age, in which superstition rules over rationality.

He goes further: Somewhere in the last century or maybe the prior century, people in the West began to lose the ability to control their institutions. By control, it should be understood to mean the knowledge of how they work and why they were created. It is one thing to know how to use the toilet. It is another thing to understand public sanitation and the reason it is a vital public service. People in the West no longer seem to know why their institutions exist or how they must be maintained in order to properly function.

Examples? Gary DeMar wrote Off With Columbus’ Head, Celebrate the Aztecs Instead - the first open heart surgeons?
Another - COLUMBUS AND THE FLAT EARTH MYTH – fake history!

As usual, DaLimbrawLibrary came through again – the first article from a word search on Dark Ages – I keep saying that this is a place for learning!

How does this play out in DaUSA – right here and right NOW? Read - Should We Compete With China? Can We? by Godfree Roberts - The Unz Review – if reading this article does not sober you up from what I call DaAmericanDelusion, I don’t know what will. Reality ain’t pretty!

What can we do? Vox Day makes it clear: Which is hauntingly similar to the situation which the people of the West may soon be facing. That is why it is so important to preserve knowledge now. Barbarians have never cared about building or minded living amidst filth, which is why we are already at the point where the fate of our indoor plumbing is in doubt.

It's not enough to know about things. It's not even enough to know how to maintain them. It is vital to learn how to design, develop, and build things if civilized society is to be preserved. We're already bringing back the Junior Classics, but perhaps we also need to create a new series, Core Civilization, comprised of books that teach the core basics of everything from architecture to gardening and water engineering. Because it's clearly time to begin thinking about these things.