Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Vox Popoli: Antifa: the movie

What you're seeing, the "riots" and the "police abuse" is all a movie playing out on a large scale in real-time. The consequences are real, but the narrative being pushed is entirely false.

#Bellevue Mall is being looted. I watched it unfold. Well-organized white men with walkie talkies broke windows and breeched the mall. Others went in and took stuff. By the time the media arrived, the only thing they saw was the taking of stuff. They did not see who started it.

If you think that sounds incredible, try to remember, we're dealing with a force that, in less than 60 years, somehow managed to convince the entire American nation that its flesh-and-blood people, the posterity and heirs of the American Revolution, were nothing more than an idea.

Even the conservative establishment tools are beginning to see through the charade. Whoever could have put that nice new stack of bricks in the middle of the street for the joggers? What an unfortunate coincidence!