Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Another day, another bogus report from CDC seeking to entice the public to continue wearing masks - By Jack Hellner

The CDC now says it has proof that wearing face masks reduced COVID-19 cases in NYC by 66,000 from April 17 to May 9.
Face masks reduce New York coronavirus cases by over 66,000, study deems it most effective way to check spread
Health experts have been advising people to wear face masks in public to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and now numbers indicate that it works. A new study shows that wearing a face mask dramatically decreases a person's chances of being infected by the new coronavirus. Researchers found that using a face mask alone reduced the number of Covid-19 infections by more than 66,000 in New York City from April 17 to May 9.

There is no way they would know this, and it is as made up as the modeling numbers that CDC put out in March that showed that hundreds of millions would get the disease and millions would die.  That is the study that destroyed the economy and caused governors throughout the country to require us to wear masks, social distance, and avoid large groups for the first time in our lives. 
If they wanted a legitimate story, they would have looked at cases in states without the face mask requirement to see how many cases they had from April 17 to May 9.  Instead of doing that, they just made numbers up, and the media, like puppets, repeat the bogus numbers to indoctrinate people into wearing masks.
Here are more made up modeling reports, without scientific facts, that have destroyed the U.S economy and forced much of the public to wear face masks, social distance, and gather in small groups for the first time in most of our lives:
We were told that millions would die, and hundreds of millions would get COVID-19.  The death projections were over-projected by over 1,000 percent and cases by an exponential amount.  So far, six tenths of a percent of the population has tested positive, including people with no symptoms.
How many fewer deaths would there have been if idiotic governors like Cuomo hadn't forced nursing homes to take in people they knew had COVID-19?
How many fewer deaths would there be associated with COVID-19 if the CDC didn't politically dictate to medical professionals to count cancer, heart, stroke, lung, diabetes, obesity, kidney, and other deaths as COVID-19 if they happened to get COVID?  As far as I can tell, we have never had that mandate with the swine flu or seasonal flu.
How many fewer deaths from suicide, drug overdose, and other causes would we have if these bogus modeling numbers hadn't been used to destroy the economy?
Can anyone imagine if millions of people with no symptoms went to the doctor or a clinic and demanded that they be tested for the flu?  When the medical professionals asked why they wanted to be tested, they would say because the media, bureaucrats, and politicians were demanding they be tested because they might be killing people.  The insurance companies and doctors would refuse to test, but that is what we are doing now to goose the daily numbers to scare the public.
Then the media widely regurgitated a made up report, with no scientific evidence, that said 200,000 people per day would be testing positive for COVID-19 and 3,000 people per day would be dying because, heaven forbid, people were going back to work and gathering a little bit.  The numbers were overestimated by 900% on cases and 200% on deaths, but the public was scared into submission.  The power-hungry governors really cared, but facts don't matter.
draft government report projects covid-19 cases will surge to about 200,000 per day by June 1, a staggering jump that would be accompanied by more than 3,000 deaths each day.
One of the most humorous made up reports that was also repeated, was from the brilliant, highly esteemed Columbia University that essentially blamed Trump for 36,000 deaths.  You see, according to their brilliant educators, Trump should have instituted strict policies while Fauci  and the CDC were saying it wasn't very dangerous in the U.S.  The highly educated journalists just repeated what they were told with no questions.
The U.S. could have prevented roughly 36,000 deaths from COVID-19 if broad social distancing measures had been put in place just one week earlier in March, according to an analysis from Columbia University.
Underlining the importance of aggressively responding to the coronavirus, the study found the U.S. could have avoided at least 700,000 fewer infections if actions that began on March 15 had actually started on March 8.

Here are some of the other hoaxes, lies, talking points and propaganda that most of the media, entertainers, bureaucrats have used to indoctrinate the public into submission on COVID 19 and to destroy the economy:
·      President Trump never said that COVID 19 was a hoax, but we still hear that Democrat talking point. Trump was one of the first to react with his China travel ban and much of the media and other democrats called that racist, xenophobic and an overreaction. He's called a racist and xenophobe no matter what he does.
·      That the disease wouldn't spread human to human: by WHO, Bill Gates among others. Those were the people spreading a hoax, not Trump.
·      That the mortality rate was much higher than the seasonal flu. 
 ·      That millions of asymptomatic people were spreading the disease. A spokesman at WHO recently said that there was no scientific evidence this is true but the next day caved and said we misunderstood so the lie continued. 
 ·      That the hospitals would be overwhelmed. Most hospitals have been underwhelmed and are starving because politicians deemed elective medical care as non-essential. 
 ·      That children would spread the disease to Grandparents and kill them.
 ·      That COVID 19 is easily spread off surfaces. After months, we were told by CDC that this wasn't true. 
 ·      That children at schools were very vulnerable. Schools that remained open are fine. 
 ·      That states that had less strict shutdowns would be a disaster and wanted people to die.
 ·      That rates would skyrocket because of the reopening.
 ·      That the disease is racist. It kills people who are less healthy no matter what race they are. Why don't we ask why minorities are more vulnerable since the Democrats have been taking care of them for fifty years with Medicaid and other great society programs? The disease is also not sexist even though it kills more men and women. 
We are now getting daily reports that states that have reopened and are less restrictive are having huge problems to scare the public. We are told that is why the stock market is plunging
The actual numbers are readily available, but we won't see them because the public wouldn't be scared. 
Here are some actual numbers through June 14th:
States with very strict restrictions:
  • New York, Population 19.5 million, deaths 31,662 Last seven-day deaths 507.
  • New Jersey, Population 8.9 million, deaths 12,625 Last seven-day deaths 449.
  • Illinois, Population 12.7 million, deaths 6,308 Last seven-day deaths 404.
  • Michigan, Population 10.0 million, deaths 6,016 Last seven-day deaths 364.
States that are less restrictive and more open:
  • Florida, Population 21.5 million, deaths 2,931 Last seven-day deaths 231.
  • Texas, Population 29.0 million, deaths 1,973 Last seven-day deaths 158.
  • Georgia, Population 10.6 million, deaths 2,451 Last seven-day deaths 271.
  • Colorado, Population 5.8 million, deaths 1.348 Last seven-day deaths 74.
  • Arizona, Population 7.3 million, deaths 1,186 Last seven-day deaths 142.
In all these cases the states that are less restrictive have better results from the start, including the last seven days yet that is not the story the media is presenting. Facts don't matter.