Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Why State Governors Cannot Order Citizens To Wear Masks - By Peggy Hall

Mainstream news sources say that California Governor Newsom issued an order requiring everyone to wear face masks in public. Peggy Hall explains that governors have no authority to order citizens to do anything. Their power is limited to directing the agencies for which they are responsible and nothing more. Public-Health agencies are among these and, although they can issue orders of this kind, they can do so only during a time of emergency. An emergency is defined as a health threat with a casualty rate significantly greater than normally present. Since the COVID-19 casualty rate now is officially recognized as not significantly greater than seasonal flu, there is no emergency. Therefore, the California Public-Health Agency has no authority to order anyone to wear masks, remain six-feet apart, shelter-in-place, wash hands, or anything else. Peggy shows were to document these facts and she concludes that it’s time to stop being fearful and just say NO to tyranny. She is building a template on her website, The Healthy American, for people in all states to stop tyrannical policies by knowing the law and making officials obey it. -GEG

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