Sunday, June 7, 2020

Vox Popoli: This cult is NOT new - It is the cult of Babel

Not being a Christian, the Z-Man doesn't recognize the nature or the source of what he otherwise quite correctly perceives as a new cult of inclusion and social justice:
This cult we are seeing evolve in the empire is much more like the Cult of Reason, in that it has no gods and elevates abstract concepts like inclusion, diversity, cooperation and openness. When activist chant demands for justice, for example, they are not talking about legal justice or even moral justice. Justice is one of the many words to signify this collection of concepts at the center of the cult.... To the insider, a cult is a world where the internal rules and beliefs of the cult perfectly explain the world. To the outsider, the rules and beliefs of the cult seem amusing, bizarre or possibly dangerous. That’s what is happening in the empire. Most of us are outside this ruling class cult, so their chants, declarations and actions strike as strange and crazy. The destruction of the cities makes no sense. For the cult, these riots are purifying rituals. To outsiders, they are wanton destruction.

This may also explain the bizarre behavior over the Covid virus. It was obvious a long time ago that something other than science and a concern for public health was driving public officials to stoke the panic. The elaborate game of make believe has now been made plain. People are barred from Christian services, but BLM protests and homosexual parades are now permitted. The destruction of civil society from the top down was the elite’s version of the urban street riots.

What we may be seeing is this weird religion of inclusion and cooperation quickly morph into a suicide cult that seeks to level existing society. First the elites try to destroy society with the lock downs and elimination of personal freedom. Now the rank and file are doing their part by devastating the cities. The new faith will not rest until every trace of the old has been erased. That includes the people. Those who represent the old, with their white habits and white ideas must be destroyed.

Like those medieval peasants who woke up one day to learn their king was part of a strange new cult brought in by a couple of bald guys in dresses, normal people in the empire are seeing the mass conversion of their rulers. Just as Christianity could only tolerate the old ways for so long, this new faith is increasing intolerant of the old normal ways of American society. It now exists to expunge every trace of civil life. This cult has declared total war on the rest of us.

This cult is not new. It is a very old religion which has taken different names and forms over the centuries. It is the temple of social justice, it is the church of antiracism, it is the syncretic heresy of churchianity, holocaustianity, and judeochristianity. It is the cult of Babel, it is the religion of the Pharisees, of the Gnostics, and of the Prometheans. Jesus Christ called it the synagogue of Satan. And it all harkens back to the old promise of the snake in the Garden of Eden.

That is the very ancient lie that men will be as gods if they will only submit to the god of this world and worship him in the place of their Creator.