Sunday, June 28, 2020

Coronavirus, Racism Riots and What’s Next? Coincidence or Planned?

I read Smashing Culture, by Linh Dinh - The Unz Review in which he concluded: “Connect the dots, people, before it’s too late.” What dots?

Furthermore, he stated: “If we’re in a revolution, it’s one of enlightened barbarism, or woke savagery, carefully engineered down the decades. Yo massas enjoy the spectacle of y’all clawing at each other.”

I have read them both – are they factual? BTW – that is a question we should ask EVERYTIME we read something, but do we? The subjects in those articles are Black men and White men, respectively – and they do lead one to ask: Why the political attacks on both? And by who?

So, what say we dig into what’s going on today and see if anything is actually connected?

When Corona first hit the headlines a few months ago, I admittedly was taken in by the hysteria as the rest of the herd – and then I asked Is it time for some Coronavirus PERSPECTIVE?

Just as we started to get a handle on CoronaNews – along comes Black Lives Matter and the attention riveting Racist riots – often featuring White participants. Now what?

Question: What do BOTH the Coronavirus panic and BLM riots, as well as the predominant White reaction shown on TV – NFL players, coaches and owners, for example – have in common? What was the MESSAGE? EXCLUSIVELY! Furthermore, how and who CONTROLS that message?

“The media aren’t just a brainwashing tool to control your intellectual, psychological, social and political life, but a blackmailing threat dangling over each politician and potential dissident. With media, you can cowe even the most powerful.” - Blacks, Jews and You, by Linh Dinh - The Unz Review – I consider reading this article mandatory if you want to understand how the world works.

More insights:

And More - Everybody else on earth will only fight to defend their nation, however, but this is exactly what gung-ho Americans have failed to do, paradoxically, for as they bomb away everywhere, their homeland is raped and disfigured beyond recognition, but I’m no longer appalled by this. A population so meekly clueless deserves its doom.

And More - The American Nation Is Being Destroyed - By Linh Dinh - Nationalism is simply the love of one’s language, culture, history and heritage, one’s very identity in short, but as wielded by an empire, nationalism becomes a murderous tool to violate one nation after another. The American empire is destroying the American nation.

Finally - A people can endure any travails if they still have a common culture and history. With these snuffed out, there’s no nation left to save. Just ask yourself, Who have the means and desire to hollow out America? What are their final aims?

That is your assignment for today!