Friday, June 5, 2020

In case you are wondering why? Excerpts from 2 articles on the disintegration of America - CL

The Real Reason It is Difficult to Prosecute “Antifa”
Many Americans have complained that neither the police nor the FBI appear interested in investigating or prosecuting anarchist paramilitary groups, even when they are leading the worst and most deadly riots in modern history.
This isn’t because it is hard to find out who these people are. It is due to state corruption and privilege. A large number of anarchists are the sons and daughters of politicians, bankers, judges, and other connected elite figures, thus immunizing from the consequences of their crimes.
Recently, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio’s own daughter was arrested among the rioters in the city he governs. Vice presidential contender and Virginia Senator Tim Kaine’s son is another example. An “antifa” organizer was exposed by National Justice as the grandson of a judge and nephew of a Congressman who is also now a judge.
Ken Klippenstein, a digital blogger who is a fan of the anarchist groups dubbed “antifa,” was leaked documents by FBI agents about with details about an ongoing investigation into the activities of these violent extremists.
With virtually every institution in America expressing support for these terrorist groups, along with their connections to powerful officials, Donald Trump’s bluster about labeling them a terrorist group appears to be nothing but a gust of hot air.
Conclusion 2: this is not a revolution or a civil war
Some are now fantasizing that what we are witnessing today is either a revolution or a civil war. I believe that this is neither.
For a revolution to take place there must be a force capable of changing not the person(s) in power, but fundamentally change the regime, the polity, itself and replacing it with another one. Declaring that “Black lives matter” or looting stores or even demanding that the police be defunded, does not have this kind of potential capability.
For a civil war to take place you need at least two sides, each with a clearly identifiable political agenda. Since the real power in the US is hidden from the public awareness, there is no potential for a “the people vs the rulers” kind of civil war in the US. A “Right/Conservative vs Left/Liberal” civil war is also not possible, because both the US Right and the US Left are, in reality controlled by a deep state which is neither liberal nor conservative. Finally, a “rematch” between North and South is not possible either because the modern US is not really split along North/South lines anymore. In terms of geography, there is somewhat of a “Big cities vs rural USA” split, but it takes place in both the north and the south of the country. Instead, what we do observe is a social breakup of the US into “zones” some of which will be doing much better than others (big cities with a strong Black population fare the worst, mostly White small towns fare best; that is even true within the same state). In some of these zones, we will see more of this kind of acts of self-protection:
This kind of confrontations, even if they are not violent, are yet another illustration of the state being simply unable to take charge and protect the people.