Saturday, June 13, 2020

Beware This Evil “Covid-19” Phase 2 Plot: Remember, We Are All Disposable Units in the Eyes of the State - By Gary D. Barnett

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.”
~ Albert Camus (2012). “Resistance, Rebellion, and Death: Essays”, p.101, Vintage
Modern man has completely failed to find and embrace reason, logic, and truth, and because of this failure to accept reality, dire and deadly consequences have been the result for most in this country. All sanity has seemingly disappeared from view, all due to an effort to avoid the uncomfortable conflict of responsibility. This is not due to natural factors, but is the result of long-term indoctrination of the general population based on trickery, deception, and collective dependence. This is the weakest character trait of Americans today, for the common man, and therefore the masses, would rather wallow in ignorance than face the stark truth and trials of life. Most would rather be a dependent member of the herd than take individual responsibility. This attitude drives the human animal to look to others for guidance and leadership instead of looking to self, and this can only lead to servitude. In times of strife and evil intent such as is obvious today, this weakness plays into the hands of the tyrants, and allows the masters total control of the citizen slaves.

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Our entire governing system is failing, much by design, and the financial order has been decimated due to money printing and debt. The structured wealth transfers are nearly complete, so what is now necessary in order for the powerful to retain and also gain total control is to reconstruct the monetary and financial system to a digital and trackable structure based on credit and social compliance. This is the reason for this fake pandemic, and other distractions that allow more government regulation and restriction of the people. This is also the reasoning for a vaccine that is not a vaccine and is not medicine. Beware the evil Covid-19 response, because as it continues, it will become more sinister at every level, and more dangerous for each and every individual. The final plan desired by the controllers in my opinion is to build a technocratic system of total authority so that a top-down ruling oligarchy controls the rest of what will become a proletariat society. Global vaccinations at the hands of these monsters will go a long way toward the accomplishment of that goal.
People in this country apparently have no clue whatsoever as to what is actually going on with this “virus” scare. Bill Gates used continuous planted “viruses” to control users and to gain billions of dollars with his corrupt Windows platform at Microsoft. It is just this type of scam that is desired by the elites today, but this time the virus scares will be used so that the fix will allow Americans to be the human guinea pigs instead of computers. With mass vaccination of any number of toxic and poisonous adjutants, with DNA altering nano-particles able to replicate, and also with injections that build tracking systems inside the body meant to allow for control over not only body and mind functions, but also all financial transactions, the trap is set. This is not science fiction, and in fact is not fiction at all. It is reality. This is the future for all of us should this travesty be allowed to continue.

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Two of the key aspects of this plan to take control of the people of this country rest on the total restructuring of the monetary system and the replacement of money, and the forced vaccination of all. These things together will help to cause mass compliance. By eliminating cash in favor of a digital credit system, and then turning on or off that digital system due to compliance with all government mandates, each individual will be able to be controlled from a central governing center. Any vaccination injections will most likely have tracing capability components, as well as the ability to store and share databased “health” and vaccination records, the means to track social distancing, to monitor all movement, and to record all personal transactions. And this is just the beginning.
Another sinister plot that has already begun is the depopulation of earth, beginning with the old and sick. The first to be vaccinated and isolated will be the old, and those already in nursing homes. We have already seen the elimination of many seniors in this so-called Phase 1. By putting these people together in isolation, people that already have compromised immune systems and multiple morbidities, means certain death to a large percentage of them. Next, will be those not deemed necessary for the new society to function, and with purposeful job destruction and replacement with robotic and artificial intelligence, many others will not be required. In this new system coming, all of us are disposable, as the state has never cared about its subjects except in the sense of using people as tools, so when the need for labor lessens, so then will the need for common people. Population control will remain a platform of the ruling elites throughout this rebuilding of a technocratic and fascist controlled society.

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Requirements of this system include and demand obedience to the state. As was seen early on, most every single American did exactly as the political class, the “health” ministers, and the enforcement arm of government instructed them to do. Without this compliance by the sheep, no shutdowns could ever have taken place, and no business closings or job losses would have been evident. Can any imagine the difference this would have made? First, it would have exposed that there was never any virus threat at all. The only threat was from government, and those that control government. Once that was established, the entirety of this farce would no longer be with us, and with mass dissent now, that same outcome is still possible. It will not be in the future once the economic system is destroyed and replaced with a digital economic model. Little time is left to repair the damage caused by these evil manipulators.
This government is a fraud. Almost the entirety of the medical establishment is also fraudulent, and is not interested in preventing or curing any human ailment or disease, but is interested only in expensive treatment, and drug delivery that guarantees continuous ill health and dependence. This is the same case considering pharmaceutical companies, “health” organizations, biotechnology companies, and certainly all bio-warfare labs. There is no good reason to trust any vaccine, nor is there any reason to allow injection of poison due to pressure from any of these fraudulent entities. The injection mandates are agenda driven and riddled with scandal and scientific fraud, and will be used to advance a form of genetic altering control measures never seen or considered by most in the past.
This is not a Covid-19 problem; this is a government and ruling class problem. The goal is simply power and control over all society. This manufactured “virus” is just the excuse being used to allow the implementation of a top-down control system over the people. This agenda is being accomplished due to a false fear of a non-existent so-called deadly virus. This virus will not destroy the people, but the ruling class and all the political pawns response to this virus will destroy all of us if not stopped now.
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Gary D. Barnett [send him mail] is a retired investment professional living and writing in Lewistown, Montana. Visit his website.