Saturday, July 23, 2022

A Healthy Dose of WhatDaHey?

Will physicians EVER speak out?

CDC job posting reveals they lied, the vaccines are unsafe, and Pfizer lied too! - This CDC job opening I just received says it all.

Where In The World?

Relocation factors and living free in a brewing globalist dystopia.

TrialSite News Truthbombs Pfizer and Moderna

Evidence of Scientific and Regulatory Fraud, HHS Administrative State Collusion

Where's the Beef? Ask Bill Gates

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dr. Peter McCullough: COVID 19 Early Treatment Hero

By John Dale Dunn, M.D.

A Midwestern city decides to turn itself into a latrine

By Andrea Widburg - A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I gotta poo in Kalamazoo....

They’re bringing COVID back…& this time its permanent – OffGuardian - The message is pretty clear – no going back to normal. Endemic Covid, an unwinnable forever war, that’s the endgame.

MoA - Ukraine Grain Exports - Myths And Reality

You Done With 'Nice' Yet? - by Karl Denninger - Let me know when you start holding the people in governments and pharma to account for this scam, because that's exactly what it was -- and is.

And oh, by the way, plenty of people in the FDA know this too and are deliberately concealing it because their paycheck depends on it. 

An official at the FDA put it this way: “I can’t tell you how many people at the FDA have told me, ‘I don’t like any of this, but I just need to make it to my retirement.’ ”

The Damage is to the Totality - Vox Popoli

The human race can survive just fine with much shorter lifespans than are presently enjoyed, but it cannot survive without a sufficient number of healthy children annually being born.