Friday, July 29, 2022

Masters and Emissaries The Spectacular Collapse of German-Japanese Relations under Forced Globalism - By Thorsten J Pattberg for the Saker Blog

In June 2022, I happened to attend a public lecture by the German Ambassador at the German House in Tokyo. What the good man was chatting out of the political box … that was foolish of him!

I wanted to write about it right away, but then I felt sorry for this bungling oddball. It seemed he “is not needed in Tokyo.” And besides, I didn’t want to cause a ruckus in the expat community.

Basically, German-Japanese relations are done with and have no future. We need a major war or two new countries to start something sustainable. No recovery is possible under the current US world dictatorship anyways. Unless “Germania” and “Shin Dai Nippon Teikoku” become sovereign nations again, everything remains forced and simulated here—made up to please the lying world eaters in Washington and Berlin.

The German Academic Exchange Service DAAD and the Goethe Institute, the Chamber of Commerce AHK and the political parties foundations, etc. are more or less Potemkin structures or letterbox companies.

The mismanaged German House belongs to the German East-Oriental Society OAG. But the land belongs to the German Federal Government. So everything here is pro-government—loyal, dependent and under surveillance.

The red-brick house has been in need of serious renovation works during the last 30 years, and will finally be demolished soon, and the Federal Republic of Germany is going to sell the location. After that, all government organizations want to move to the surrounding areas and only rent. Their operational costs will go through the roof. It’s just wasting taxpayers money. They produce nothing, but spend a lot of unearned money— that is the future business model of the Federal Republic of Germany BRD.

The Japanese don’t want to learn German, and they don’t want to have much to do with the Germans.

Irreconcilable Ideological Differences

The Germans are on the verge of giving up their Germanness and becoming Accessory Americans. They all speak American here. They communicate in American with the Japanese. They no longer translate from Japanese at all. They look for American articles, news, or translations about Japan that have already been successful in Anglo-Saxon countries, and then translate these American translations into German—baka [stupid]!

It is partly their own fault that German culture is so unattractive. These people, these new Germans, hate their own nation. They celebrate a culture of guilt [over past German crimes], they celebrate the eradication of Christianity through Islamization, they actively promote the replacement of the German native population through mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East, they disseminate hateful propaganda against traditional German families, biological genders, rational men in the workplace, and so on. All of this self-hate and their destructive tendencies go way too far for the Japanese hosts. The Japanese respect the Germans hating everything German, but shun them.

The proud Yamato people are not willing to perform the seppuku, the self-dismbowelment of their own nation. The US occupational forces would love to inflict on Japan what they inflicted on Germany though: Deindustrialization, homosexualization [men-on-men anal penetration], race-mixing until national death and holocaust concentration camps MOCs [acronym for “My Own Creations”] next to Mount Fujiyama. The Germans certainly demand this from Japan, total Americanization, but the Japanese are stalling. They are not yet ready to surrender.

The Germans, however, are cut out for this. They are instructing the Japanese: stop eating endangered tuna, stop building cheap power plants, stop speaking Japanese. As if the Germans were a 1000 times morally superior to the East Asians. However, both people were conquered by the United States in 1945 and are culturally, economically and militarily US-programmed.

The Germans are in no way above the Japanese. That’s how it is, but the Allemands [ancient name for Germans] still think they are closer to Americans because, to the untrained eye, they pretty much look similar. In reality, the Germans in Japan do not command the same high status as the Americans or their Anglo-allied British and Canadians. One could say the Germans here are delusional and oblivious to the actual human hierarchy.

Trust is Gone

German elites talk down to the Japanese as if they represent the West. Their cowardly actions, however, speak for something different: For a treacherous, cynical impostor people.

Example. When Japan in 2011 was shaking because of an earthquake on the Richter scale of 7, and a nuclear power plant was shut down by a tsunami, the Germans were the first government that fled the country. They spread the lie that Tokyo and much of Japan were “nuclear contaminated,” so the good Germans had to be evacuated.

The Japanese once again were presented with the treacherous double-face of their old World War 2 “Axis partners”: In case of crisis, the Asians are left die. The Germans have departed the ship.

The ambassador goes on and on and talks about our “common values,” which is the most unbearable sarcasm: As is well known, there are also Ten Commandments in Buddhism, yet it was the Christians who slaughtered half the world. “Common values“—the ambassador could also have said: “We all have common feet.”

“Japanese school degrees are often not recognized in Germany.” Huh? We live in 2022 and this highest official in the foreign service reveals that much: We still have problems with the accreditation of high school diplomas from Japan, which are not comparable to the German university entrance qualification Abitur—urusai [scandal]!

He could also have said: “We have no cultural diplomacy.“

That’s why there were never more than 900 German students in Japan before the Corona pandemic hit in late 2019, 90% of whom were only “language students” or in [state-funded] “exchange programs.” They either come to Japan “supervised,” which means they were screened and selected by the German government, or they can’t go abroad at all.

Anyone who makes it to Tokyo on their own, say, without a German university, state-run enterprise or the governmental exchange service backing them, will later, upon their return to Germany, be viewed with maximum contempt, as if they were some cheap Farang sex tourist returning from Bangkok or Manila.

The Japanese, on the other hand, recognize our German qualifications, and why shouldn’t they? Therefore, around 2,400 Japanese people study in Germany. And if they later return to Japan, which most invariably do, they can easily find arubaito [employment] and are much respected.

If there were to be an independent audit of German bureaucrats in Japan, which there won’t, it would almost certainly attest to the German side a sinister ‘obstruction of true exchange’. For the Japanese, exchange with Anglo-Saxon countries seems so uninhibited and exciting; exchange with Germany is just toxic and ungrateful.

Living like Colonial Viceroys

The ambassador and his gloves live in the lap of Oriental luxury in the diplomatic quarter, with its insane level of rents and posh boutiques and classic wine shops that only legation councilors—with A13+ or higher expenses [upper regime caste level of state support] with their monthly overseas allowances of 12,460 euros—can afford. Meanwhile, 95% of the [disadvantaged] Germans don’t live here—they scatter all over town, avoid the toxic community if they can, and live in obscurity and destitution.

The Europeans took their rigid class society wherever they ventured, this is true. But the German class system is the most brutal of them all, and the Japanese are often shocked to learn how the German state segregates corn, pigs and people according to their parental stock.

And there we have solved the first problem that the Germans could not solve in 77 years: Berlin cannot accept Japanese high school diplomas, precisely because Japan has a merit-based education system, while Germany has a hereditary-based education system. The ambassador, need we say this, has a title of ancient nobility in his name. 99.9 % of Germans need not apply for his job.

So, Germany is pushing a huge class divide. Take the underclass problem. 20 % of the population are disabled, mentally ill and dependent on food stamps and social housing. Next is the working class problem. 50 % of the population are disposable low-wage slaves. They own nothing and live from paycheck to paycheck. Next, millions upon millions of Third-world settlers, 25 % of the population has a migration background, are idlers and must be fed by the welfare state. The BRD regime spends enormous amounts of bureaucracy and resources on image control to hide the collapse of free society. The Federal budget for ‘Work and Social Affairs’ is the largest ever in its history, $240 billion or 40 % of all expenditures of the state.

This means that no one of these slaves is free. The state controls all its citizens’ bank accounts, housing, schools and medical access. It tries to prevent its citizens from emigration [leaving the country] through terror, sanctions and prosecutions. For example, the regime threatens families that work experience, diplomas, degrees and titles earned abroad are disqualifying, and will have to be retaken or overwritten by German ones. This is called Umschulung—it means “re-education”—and is huge part of the tyranny. It happened to 300,000 academics in Eastern Germany since 1991 who made the terrible mistake of having studied or worked in Poland, the Balkans, Ukraine, Russia, China and even Vietnam. It also happened to 800,000 nurses, bricklayers, taxi drivers and other blue-color workers: the BRD will not accept foreign qualifications. It sends a clear message to families even whilst their children are still in school: Don’t think about going abroad: you will be a nobody.

Most people just can‘t leave. It is impossible. The situation now in 2022 is worse than communism in 1922. People were much freer back then, because “owning nothing” meant 0, meant nothing. So people could just leave. Today, people are minus people. This means they are indebted, and can sink well below 0. The state signs them up at birth for a lifetime of slave work, blood and toil. A person that departs from Cottbus in Eastern Germany and settle over in Poland would be detected within 72 hours. Police and prosecutors will visit his old place, his families and relatives, and harass them with fines and expropriate his outstanding rents and belongings.

Bills of outstanding subsequent payments in absentia will pile up, from private creditors who now can be assured of obtaining a court order, over compulsory health insurance schemes to regime radio fees and bank fees. All costs of living expenses will clock forth for months and years without the person to extract the money from being around for questioning, so late fees and lawyers fees and search fees will triple and quadruple.

Hundreds of governmental agencies are involved, from homeland security to the prosecutors bureau, social security, job center agencies and the state pension fund. Nobody knows the exact numbers of runners, because that would be embarrassing for the regime. The state-run portal for demographics, Statistica, reported 995.000 emigrants [people who left Germany] in 2021, but blames it on migrant movements. Nevertheless, Tokyo will take notice. This isn‘t normal. The Germans are fleeing their totalitarian regime in panic not seen since the rise of Hitler in 1933 or the erection of the Berlin Wall in 1961.

The fleeing person remains the property of the regime BRD, and can only ever exist on a passport issued by that regime, no matter where in the world he or she flees to. Therefore, Berlin wants to know the new overseas address, bank accounts, income, social security, employment and all affiliations. That said as a general background, thousands of Europeans ended up in the East, and enabled not just the Japanese but also the Chinese and Indian scholars to study European culture not from textbook propaganda but from observing their behaviors and their social interactions: The Japanese are seeing more and more European immigrants who barely get by, work minimum wage jobs or end up unemployed. In Tokyo, in Yokohama, in Osaka. Our Berlin diplomatic envoy doesn’t want to be seen anywhere near this “white trash”.

Usually, the public would assume that people around the world call upon their diplomatic representation abroad for help or assistance. But this isn‘t the case for Germans abroad who see their diplomatic representation as Gestapo [state police] and oppressors. Just ask them. Again, Tokyo will take notice.

The doitsu [deutsch] immigrants in Japan and elsewhere in East Asia work as petty freelancers with no stable income, as second-rate English teachers or false “Germanists” [Professors for German Studies] at third-tier colleges and universities, and mostly live off the income of their Asian working wives.

The German-Japanese Hafus

The thing about Western men and their Japanese wives or “apron women” in general is really pronounced here in Tokyo. An anthropological study should be taken on this, but won’t. Can you imagine Asian men studying European men as monkey-branching man-apes, basically in the same manner the European men studied African men in the past? That would be a historic comeuppance, but also sad.

It is striking that it is often short and unsightly German men, under 5 feet 8 inches in height (173 cm), who are likely to stay here in Japan a bit longer, and then perhaps get rather facial unattractive but petite Japanese women who even long into adulthood look a lot like European teenagers.

It reminds me of the story of the three little monks at the Oriental Society, they were really sweet men: They came to Japan as hippies from a middle-class background at a young age during the real estate bubble just before everything burst and the island kingdom stagnated for the next 40 years.

But they loved the prestige of being white males here; they were often mistaken as American tourists, which elevated their chances of attracting local pillow girls. All three evidently didn’t want to return home, and wanted to extend their students visa indefinably. Finally, they ended up in Buddhist monasteries. Don‘s ask. This was a Western fetish in the 70s and 80s. Not just Japanese Zen Buddhism, but also Chinese Shaolin and Tibetan Buddhism and so on. Such monasteries or minor temples grow on every hill here, and the spiritual sensei [teachers] take care of the burial of the dead.

In my opinion, they all had too much Hermann Hesse in their heads. They wanted to become real barefoot ascetics, as the famous characters Narcissus or Siddhartha in Hesse’s famous novels. Monasteries are known to work as perfect excuses for escapists and minimalist life planners. Also, their parents cut them off their monthly allowances abroad.

The youngest of the three monks kept begging for donations and even traveled back to Vienna in Austria to give esoteric lectures. He basically took Japanese Pure Land Buddhism and mixed it with the psychoanalytic theses of famed Carl Gustav Jung. This is a German cliche that is so true: All expats here read Hermann Hesse and Carl Gustav Jung, and maybe also Arthur Schopenhauer and his atma [the will] driven phenomenology.

The middle monk seduced an elderly, disabled, wheelchair-bound Japanese daughter of a widowed school principal in Kyushu. Her family basically financed his enlightenment.

The eldest of the three monks is now dead. He lived in great poverty all his life in western Tokyo with his bipolar Japanese wife. As a cosplay chief monk, always in orange robes , white socks and sandals, he had achieved considerable detail among the Germans in Japan, mostly because he carried with him old pictures from the 70s and 80s that showed him personally with the Tenno Emperor. He also carried on him his fabulous meishi koukan [name cards], and never disclosed to us where he had them made. They appeared island-ish, made of the lightest tea wood, printed with vegetable ink and lotus ornamentation. I think that if the Federal government wanted to, it could easily have declared these three eccentric monks “cultural ambassadors” between our two great nations. Yes, yes I know, those “ifs” and our lofty “thinking”…

Many more Germans here live off their local aprons. “They are on spousal support,” we speak of them in jest. The German birthrate has halved since 1977, so for every two Germans we knew, only one will come and replace them. Their marriage value has dropped considerably, because so many other nationalities are here too, and those Germans under 30 are either getting really ugly Japanese partners or none. It doesn’t help that the German expatriate community, unlike the booming Korean, Chinese, Jewish or British ones, is exceedingly creepy and autistic. For every three German males, there is just one willing Japanese lady, and she isn’t a Yoko Ono. [“Only a John Lennon gets a Yoko Ono” is their wisdom of comfort.] The few good ladies of social standing available to German migrants unfortunately expect from us European charter flights to Paris, not bicycle rides to Ikea in Tachikawa.

What is more, they German gaijin [outsider people] today can’t just introduce their Japanese love-interest to the German community; everyone over 50 also wants to snatch her. That and just the hopelessly misanthropic [unsociable] German culture make her want to swap negative Hans for some happy-go-lucky Aussie musician or British voice artist or Patrick, the Irish bartender.

Unlike the three bohemian monks in the 80s and 90s, most Germans don‘t learn Japanese, can’t communicate with authorities, can’t open a bank account. They more or less need assisted living by a Japanese person. There is this ‘BDF Fund for needy Germans’, a fundraiser to be held annually at the ambassador’s garden party in the German Residence. The list of the needy Germans gets longer each year. The Residence is located on a hill in the middle of Minato district and has a Japanese garden with a pond and grove and temple complex. The Fund was intended to collect small money from the well-off class for those Germans in great financial distress, so that any German passport holder in theory could have hoped that, if misfortune befell him, at least he would be able to win a plane ticket home.

Unfortunately, anyone observing the ruling people here for many years soon realized that they set up the Fund to make fun of the victims. In the end, the upper caste just channeled the money into each other’s pockets again, for example to pay for divorce lawyers or move house a third time.

The German diaspora, the cross-bred people, for 150 years never built a German town or anything like it. For some reason, they are unlikable. And many of them look hideous, too. Under the harsh Darwinian conditions of social selection in situ [on the premise], given they were not exactly handsome samples of German stock to begin with, the early migrants could only father offspring with ill-favored leftover Japanese women who multiplied themselves at the stroke of midnight. The result is often subpar hafus (half-Asians), now facing a life full of painful rejections and massive disappointment.

The Deadly Plague and The Expat Community

The ambassador was not wearing his plague mask. Not in the lecture itself. And not afterwards either, in the anteroom, over drinks with pretzels and bitter apple spritzer. He didn’t like the monkey business about the irrational coronavirus measures: constantly pulling those scratchy rubber bands on his face. Us guests, his servants and the catering service hoi-polloi had to put on medical-looking antiseptic blue hygiene masks, covering our reddened mouths, beards and large noses. We also had to stand a good five feet apart.

The auditorium of the Oriental Society hung in darkness. The chairs were placed two meters apart. The image of the bald little Japan experts with bulging eyes and sweaty suits from behind was surreal. They resembled the basement sect from the subterranean Cthulhu Mythos: ‘Shadow over Innsmouth’. Horrible and grotesque. And a dozen old German frauen [women] … God knows German females don‘t age well.

“Professor M.” sat next to me, bent over, trembling, sickly, his elderly-walker parked in front of him. The outsider was born in South Africa. Having lived in Japan for 50 years, he has nothing to do with Germany, except he has a damn passport. Already over 75; he was scared to death of the coronavirus. Constant fear propaganda had transformed him into a broken man that now looked 90 and rotting, with enormous lower body parts, uneven shoulders and a chest that stroke me as cancer-ridden and quite feminine. He had been an English teacher half of his life.

Another “professor,” Mr. K., horribly obese, with a thin neck and a cruel shoebill face, had just lost his job at some other insignificant academy. Wasn’t real tenure; he isn’t a real professor either, see: Here everyone invents for themselves what they are. Fat blue mask in his face, he listened attentively.

Another acquaintance, this time from orderly German-speaking Switzerland. He was also a “professor,” all German-speakers say they are. We call such actors “the professors of the German language.” He was quite young for this company. In his late 50s, short and bald. He was wearing a real surgical face mask, one with real valves, the likes of which perhaps only fussy Switzerland could mandate.

Not a single person in the German community during the last 30 months of the pandemic, to the best of my knowledge, had fallen seriously ill or even died from the virus. However, a number of very old members had died as a result of their cruel deportations, exclusion and loneliness.

I don’t know the ambassador’s view, I didn’t dare run to the front and take a quick photo. Mobile cameras in Japan are required to make that excruciatingly loud CLICK sound—which can’t be turned off on the device—for parental controls. Japan has huge problems with creeps and pedophiles.

The emissary had before him a troop of useless degenerates with a remarkable and dispiriting average age of at least 60—no, 65 years! They’ve all been eating raw crustaceans, sashimi and seaweed for decades.

There was the eminent Professor Emeritus Herr St., old like Hanako the fish. Then there was that mental cripple, a genuine tumbler—he suffered three brutal strokes in ten years—Dr. L, 79 years, very confused, but they shoved him in here anyway.

About 50 people in the audience, all Japan experts in decay. And a spectacular 2 (!) Japanese persons also sat in the room. Two! When the ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany announces a public lecture on German-Japanese relations, just two Japanese show up!

Fooled Once, Fooled Twice, Export Nations

“Thank you for coming in such large numbers,“ the House speaker greeted us. “This would certainly not have been possible without the Academic Exchange Service also informing its members. Thanks very much!“ The ambassador probably thought Now that is depressing, nobody here that matters. And then he knocked out the most unbelievable numbers:

So, according to him, Japan and Germany aren’t “big trading partners.” Germany exports about $19 billion in goods, mostly automobiles and machinery and a bit of chemicals. Japan exports exactly $19 billion back [no coincidence, it‘s bogus swap economics]. The two nations trade identical products such as automobiles and machinery. Instead of chemicals, the Japanese export more electronics. For comparison, to show how ambivalent and [maybe] insignificant these numbers are: just this month German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that he would release $100 billion additional funds for the Bundeswehr to buy more tanks and helicopters. [All numbers in dollars are also euros, as the exchange rate is 1:1.]

Now, trade figures are fuzzy logic and politically exaggerated. Round-up estimates, at best, because taxes, transport costs, export tariffs, administration fees and hidden bribes ought to have been subtracted, which they are not.

Also, there is no goods without services; at the very least there is transportation costs, workers costs and management costs and insurance, which are invisible on the product, but included in the export figures. Governmental figures are non-transparent. People pay for something that isn’t material or sustainable, as in “IPs [intellectual property rights], brands and marketing,” and can‘t tell the net production costs from surcharges.

Besides, it is not people doing business with other people. It is legal persons [a construct of law], companies run by billionaires, share-holders or the state. Multinational companies such as Bayer Chemicals or the Bosch Group destroy thousands of Japanese family businesses—it‘s unfair but legal. The bottom line is that most German-Japanese trade has mostly negative effects. Only global (banking) cartels benefit and their managerial elites benefit, not the people.

Since Germany and Japan were forced to trade under the dictates of Empire and the “World Trade Organization” (1995)—before that, between 1948 and 1994, the WTO went by other names—, the national debts in both countries have doubled and tripled, and each new generation since the 70s is now poorer than the previous. That is not causal but it sure is correlated: If you cut each other‘s hair for 50 years, you will have an economy, but you are stuck.

Our so-called bilateral trading made our people poorer, dependent and helpless. They could have been rich, presumably, if only they produced everything they needed themselves and kept profits and their sanity. Instead, we were confined to vicious trade rings, and profits were extracted from our people and our nations by foreign interest groups, go-between regulators, global financiers, multinationals and supra-national elites. In the 50s of the last century, a coal miner or postman could buy a house and raise a family of 4. In 2020, they can’t afford a house and can’t feed a family.

The $19 billion trade numbers are insignificant when it comes to comparisons with America, the Apex of Empire. In America, individual companies such as Microsoft or Tesla, or even private individuals such as Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk, are worth more than the trade of goods and services between Japan and Germany in any given year, that is, the trade between a people of 127 million and a people of 83 million respectively.

If US companies, say Apple or Microsoft or Pfizer, are worth trillions of dollars, then everything that is going on between Japan and Germany is schlock. And if the poor get poorer and the rich get richer, then Japan and Germany will get a lot poorer—with mathematically [exponentially] certainty.

A trope for our fictitious economies would be ‘comment economies’ or ‘commentary economies‘. It means that Japan and Germany do not write the global economy, which is the US economy—they merely junk their lines beneath it, subscribe and follow.

At no stage during their 77 years of American hegemony did the two vassal nations engage in sovereign independent trade. What could their puppet regimes do with foreign Yen or Euros anyway but buy US securities for maintaining the US dollar hegemony.

And not only is bilateral trade in goods with Japan relatively lilliputian, no…it’s also gratuitous. Basically, automobiles are crossed from here to there: You get our Lexus, we get your Audi. Nobody needs each other’s cars. It’s the same with washing machines. Why should the Japanese have Siemens washing machines? They have Hitachi.

Fake transactions are not entirely the fault of the subscribers. Fake value is created from nothingness thanks to Anglo-Saxon globalism. World trade is basically an ideology in which trade routes are enforced that nobody needs. Since all this creates unnecessary extra-costs, the financiers and bankers in New York and London oblige and expand and print their new money and force it on companies in exchange for heavy fees and demands for repayment. Japan and Germany are therefore operating a kind of money laundering scheme for the global financial imperialism of the USA. That’s also why imports do not count towards a modern country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP): imports are economic nothingness, as economists will teach you in business school. The Empire wants ‘exporters’. It only counts your ‘exports’. It‘s a red flag when foreign interest groups force you to sell everything you have and you are able to produce. It means you have been conquered and are now in an abusive relationship.

That’s not free trading. We‘ve just learned that Lexus and Audi are not supply and demand. The US forces all nations to export [and import what others export] regardless of markets. A car that is sold in the same country where it was built must no longer be. No—it has to come from various international suppliers from all over the world, shipped around as much as possible, and by no means it can be rare. If it was rare, as resources should be, then the “export” of such rare materials would be nonsensical—then we would keep the rare stuff to ourselves… consume it… and this would immediately stop us from being “exporting nations.” Such a rational behavior cannot be tolerated by the USA and its global allies. You must export!, they cry. The two US forge worlds, Germany and Japan, were set up to be commentary economies or “export nations,” building stuff for the Empire at no costs for the Empire (the money is US dollar debt of those colonies).

Embassies are Relics of the Colonial Past

“The good thing,” said the ambassador, “is that as an ambassador to Japan, I don’t have to concern myself as much with economic issues, because the CEOs [Chief Executive Operators] work that out among themselves.” Yes but for sinister reasons, Your Honor. German and Japanese multinationals operate under American “international law,” so banking, transaction, exchange and jurisdiction go over the heads of the colonial emissaries. “It was all different in China,” he sighed, because “the Chinese Communist Party always summons their foreign ambassadors for all trade agreements.” Well, that was because China is a sovereign nation and a great power, so formal consultations are necessary. Trade between two US colonial branches on the other hand just require technical consultations. Ambassadors are technically redundant.

In general, Western ambassadors in China almost enjoy pop star status, they think. They get more invitations and a sense of what it would be like if they were not just America’s subordinates. In the US-colony of Japan, however, “everything is much more technical and regulated,” he explained. “So he is superfluous after all,” I thought.

Trade and all other relations with Japan have plummeted. “By about half, thanks to Putin‘s [the President of Russia’s] invasion of Ukraine. “That simply isn’t true,” I was gasping for air. It’s been going downhill for years. Japan wasn’t a priority for German business anyway. China was.

We can’t report any of it. That would make people realize that the German mission in Japan was incompetent and pointless. Those colonial bureaucrats get rich from ruining the target economies, so what is ruinous for the Japanese people is empowering for the German emissaries.

They are preserving their imaginative colonial privileges. And the perfect colony is one where the viceroy is a roy, a king, and the locals are serfs and peasants. You don’t believe it? The Western system of embassies is reminiscent of Western imperialism. The foreign envoys are still there exploiting the natives, abusing their colonial office and giving orders. All we need reporting from here and whence is that “relations have never been better.”

You can’t get through to the journalists here from the Süddeutsche Zeitung or the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. They wouldn’t tangent their own relevance in Japan. They are part of the problem. They can’t confess “we are superfluous.” They must repeat: “relations are as good as ever.”

For example, well-paid cultural attachés of the Federal Republic curate the figures they send to Berlin so that their expat packages, seasonal flights and private schools for the children are not compromised: “Relations have never been better.” They are even implying that they deserve a pay rise for their good work. Meanwhile, they have to dismantle their own projects, their staff, sell the coffee machine, rent out space and invent fake items for book-keeping, for example cultural events that never happened or research projects that were done by unpaid interns and postdocs.

They Lie They Are Capitalist, While Being Run BThe State

Under socialism, the economy is getting better and better [and crime rates lower and lower, but that aside], and all government goals have been met or even surpassed. The emissaries are not lying as far as their own foray into self-enrichment goes: The German state and its Foreign Office are expanding at the fastest pace, while the working population is taxed 80 % to 90 % of its income [income tax is 50 %, consumer tax 9 % or 18 %, insurance, energy bills, transportation costs, fines, endless fees and charges throughout your life, wealth tax, death bill, inheritance tax]. Therefore, state officials have no salary or wage, only expenses and disbursements. If they needed an airplane, that‘s not even in their tax filings.

Hence the horrible gap in perception between the rulers and the serfs. The ambassador praised Tokyo for its fantastic “public transport system.” In his mind, a people‘s transport system transports the serfs from here to there, cheap and effective. This can only be a good thing. Such a hypocrite, I thought to myself. Everyone present here knows: Your Honor has a chauffeur, several regime cars, and even privately uses taxi services. Since a German ambassador to Japan is illiterate in Japanese—a time-honored tradition with colonial powers, because otherwise he would be a security risk or lower himself to the level of the colored people—he does not have much to do in Japan.

So, what does he do? He travels to 42 prefectures in Japan, with his wife and children or alone with friends. German taxpayers foot the bill. Why? Because he had already done it the same way in China. That’s how it is with the ruler class.

They call their graft work. Now think, what kinds of people are attracted to this kind of work? The most depraved, cunning individuals you can imagine. The German citizens have no idea how they are represented abroad and deceived by the Federal government. The German foreign correspondents here in Tokyo are government agents. They have to be. There’s no other way.

They report on behalf of state propaganda and official ideology through the regime press, or work straight for the Federal Republic of Germany. Journalism is a state-regulated profession in Germany. Journalists are accredited by the state, registered, administrated. All journalist schools are state indoctrination centers. Each report that is coming out of Japan is fake news by default, because it has a socialist, globalist, imperialist agenda. Only a handful of our press soldiers control everything the Germans will ever see, hear or read about Japan. What they put out, even if it is the most grotesque falsehood, as when SPIEGEL magazine in 2011 reported that “Radiation in Tokyo Grows Rapidly,” this must be cited and recited throughout German society.

Note how their performance is purely functional. They mustn’t be creative or intelligent. There is a global American distribution system (Reuters/Associate Press, Central Intelligence Agency), from which the German agencies copy one-to-one, i.e. the German Press Agency, the Deutsche Welle and the Public Television Broadcasters ÖRF. The approximately 30,000 state-accredited journalists then copy or paraphrase US marching orders, next Federal marching orders. Not a single free thinker or free mind exist in this system, because he would be a terrorist.

This system is so water-tight, it is physically impossible to leak “wrong” [true] reporting to the public. If a dissident is caught with “wrong thought,“ he will disappear or anyway won’t be able to find work again. Hundreds of them still linger here in the streets. Impoverished, sorry, repentant.

We Are Addicted TLies

If you understand and recognize this epic factory of lies and manipulations, then nothing they spin or allege about German-Japan relations can surprise you anymore. And yes, all SPIEGEL reporting on ‘robot dogs’ in the 80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s and 2020s were all make-believe. Nobody here has robot dogs. If anything, in 2021, the Japanese bought a record number of 20 million pet dogs.

This fake ‘robot Japan’ propaganda was hatched during the Space Race era by the US Pentagon, around the time of the US moon landing, Vietnam and the Cold War. Japan was marketed as a futuristic neon-light forge world with cyborgs and flying transformers. Tokyo put up all its Kanji signs [Chinese characters] on huge boards on top of buildings, which appear to Western eyes as alien and extraterrestrial. Kanji are 3000 years old. Robot Japan wasn’t real. But if you resided in the West, you thought Tokyo looked like an off-world colony in Blade Runner [the movie], didn’t you?

Therefore, yes, it is possibly the case that they haven’t told us the truth about the great wars, the goals of globalism, the foreign emissaries and so on.

Looking back over the last century, we can’t do anything about their lies. The time-proven ways of lies and manipulation crush forth through world history, smashing naysayers friend or foe alike and will benefit only our psychopathic rulers and their minions. It would be good, though, if we informed the general public. Just to level the playing field.

If I were a darling historian from Bonn, Hamburg or Berlin, stretched out by the state, complete with party hat and notebook, tenured professorship and monthly expenditures of 20,000 euros, then I, too, would be out there spreading the lies of our socialist Berlin leaders: “the German-Japanese relations are better than ever!”

And by saying so, I would be referring only to my own situation, not that of my people. I would now be winning state prizes, book contracts and sponsored round-trips from Hokkaido to Kyushu. I would be meeting our US overlords in Stanford and Yale and Harvard. I would be visiting the US regional command centers in Taiwan, Clark airbase in the Philippines, and Camp Humphrey in South Korea.

Oh, would I lie to the people. For 100.000 free air miles I would lie on this blog. From my own career I would conclude that Japan was the greatest place of all, THE greatest place on earth! I would not mention the total collapse of German-Japanese relations—I AM THE RELATION!

Have two such colleagues—Professor Sp. and Professor W.—who play the part.

Each time they return to Tokyo from Berlin or Munich, they have been promoted again.

You just have to be loyal. Then everything falls in place. There really are no limits for dependable court historians. The two sat in the front row alongside the emissary and his grifters.

When they’re among themselves, chatting, boasting, they’re like the ambassador tonight. They make mistakes. They become careless, overbearing.

Then they say: Of course there is no such thing as an honest academician!

Oh, so much written again.

Stay safe and sound!


The author is a German writer and cultural critic. You can write to him:

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