Sunday, July 3, 2022

So The Feds Don't Want To Obey The USSC? - by Karl Denninger

 Fine with me.

Where's the governor that has the nuts to tell The Feds to screw off and mean it.

No regulations on power plants, no emissions standards beyond what the state wishes to enforce, and if the feds try to stop them the state cops will take out the trash.  Bodily.

Oh, they can't?  Like Hell they can't.

The Constitution is a two-way deal.  The Supreme Court has now twice ruled the EPA has no authority over alleged "greenhouse gases."  None.  Zero.  The first ruling was in 2014, the EPA stuck up the middle finger a year later and they just lost again at the Supreme Court after being spanked once on the exact same issue.  Now Biden and his EPA chief are both saying they're going to stick up the middle finger A SECOND TIME.


That works both ways.

Where's the TVA?  Where's Texas?  Where are the Dakotas?

Tell the Feds to fuck off, and if they don't like it physically throw them out of the state.

The finger works both ways and if the federal government isn't going to obey the Supreme Court then the States should not obey the Federal Government.


What are they doing to do when you get down to it?  Shoot?

They're not that stupid -- they start that crap and both energy flow and interstate trade is cut off in one hour.

They try that and its the end of all the blue hives -- and they know it.