Saturday, July 30, 2022

Occult Totalitarianism – OffGuardian - by Todd Hayen

Oc·cult (adjective) [ ə’kʌlt ] 1. supernatural or magic, 2. not understandable, 3. secret, 4. hidden, 5. difficult to see.

All five of these definitions could describe the totalitarianism this article addresses, but I was thinking definitions 4 and 5 were the most accurate…and maybe a bit of 3 considering one of the hallmarks of the massive world effort toward central government is secret due to the fact no one heading this effort will ever admit it is a totalitarian movement, but the effort itself is anything but secret.

It’s true intention is indeed hidden, and maybe, for most, difficult to see. But one of the strangest things about all this is that if you had even a modicum of a thinking brain, it would be very clear what is happening, and what their intention is.

I have to admit before the 9-11 fiasco, I was one of those with a very sleepy brain. So I do have some empathy for people who have spent the majority of their life asleep.

Things are different now; there is nothing more obvious than the efforts of these people to take over the world, and there is no excuse to remain asleep. No kidding.

In the past a totalitarian takeover was anything but hidden. Typically it entailed a big mouth tyrant like Lenin, Stalin, or Hitler to start spouting off how he and his ideological vision were going to make the country he had targeted and everyone in it much, much better off. “Follow me, listen to me, do what I say, hate who I say to hate, believe what I say to believe…”—on and on—very loudly, very pushy.

So how is it now different?

Not much difference really, except maybe in what they call it. They don’t call it a dictatorship, or a fascist state (well, they didn’t use those words exactly back then either). Now they usually call it a democracy, but that is in name only. The “occult” part is demonstrated by never telling people the restrictions they endure and the loss of their freedoms are for the benefit of the state or the ideology, but rather for the benefit of the people—for the community, for each other.

Compliance is created through lies and subterfuge.

Sure, Hitler, Lenin, et al said similar sorts of things at first, and maybe after a while our “leaders” will begin to adopt the same tactics these world renown criminals throughout history did, but I do believe the current path to totalitarian rule is not as obvious and overt as it has been in the past. It is subtler now, more disguised to most—like the boiling frog I have endlessly babbled about.

This is what CJ Hopkins has to say about this modern day version of totalitarian rule; he calls it GlobalCap, check out his amazing book, The Rise of the New Normal Reich:

There wasn’t any doubt about it at that point. GloboCap was done playing grab-ass. They weren’t just putting down a “populist” rebellion. They were going totalitarian on us … or as totalitarian as global capitalism can go. It can’t go full-20th-Century totalitarian and start goose-stepping around in silly military uniforms hailing victory and singing globalist anthems, because (a) it has no ideology, or, rather, its ideology is “reality,” and (b) it has to maintain the simulation of democracy, or at least a semblance thereof. So it is going pathologized-totalitarian on us.”

As Hopkins cites in this quote, this takeover is global and is not nation-centric; it is global-centric. This fact is quite unique in history and is the closest thing to a central power source of a bunch of unelected officials in various global organizations such as the WEF, the WHO, and even the United Nations.

The closest thing to the big mouthed tyrant of days of old is Klaus Schwab of the WEF and he is hardly a Hitler or Stalin type, although he certainly fits the personal, and visual image, of a James Bond villain with his odd sci-fi clothes, strange minions surrounding him, and possessing a rather unnerving accent and speech pattern.

Is he the true leader of the cult that is trying to take over the world?

Or, as some have suggested, is this Grand Poobah Satan himself? (This is where the descriptive word “occult” and its first dictionary definition, “supernatural” may be the most appropriate description of our current totalitarianism.)

The tyrants of lore had competition—that is another distinguishing factor between now and then, and is probably the most compelling reason the current world takeover attempt may be successful—now there is no opposing force other than a handful of ragtag shrews, us. In the past the shrew forces were much more convincing, generally having millions of people engaged with a rather formidable military might.

Who knows what would have happened if the allies did not defeat Hitler in 1945 (check out the fascinating book Fatherland for some entertaining, yet chilling, speculation along those lines). This current “Great Reset” can run its course unhindered until individual people, en masse, wake up and stop it.

The Soviet Union, since the revolution in 1917, was hell bent on converting the rest of the world to Marxism. Focusing on unions worldwide where they believed they had the greatest chance to bring forth a worker’s unification globally.

They had a few successes along the way, but ultimately the world’s love affair with personal wealth and consumerism defeated the Communist’s “worker” ideology, which was equality and fair wages in the workplace—you know: “from each according to his abilities, for each according to his needs.”

Obviously still prominent the world over, violence and military aggression has been the mainstream of imperialism. Although the Soviets were engaged in their fair share of forceful takeover, they relied more on toppling governments and creating regime shifts, which has also been a favourite method of the United States’ CIA.

We all know Hitler’s and the National Socialist’s strategies were primarily militaristic—goose-stepping boots on the ground worked best for them. We are not going to see much of that tactic in this particular takeover (famous last words).

As said before, the takeover will be relatively subtle, although there will be a time, toward the “end game” (or maybe a few contemporary incidents scattered here and there) where dissidents may be killed Stalin-style—covertly and discreetly (the famous “disappearing act,”) or hauled off to concentration camps for “indoctrination” (does the mysterious death of Kary Mullis ring a bell?).

You have to give it them, they have been very clever with this whole virus nonsense—and all the things happening around it. People have no idea who the real enemy is. Their tactics are much more psychological than even political or ideological.

Although we do see the ideological creeping in with these major shifts in morals, family values, “what it means to be a good person,” the Cancel Culture, Critical Race Theory, BLM, transphobia, etc. Don’t fool yourself, that is all part of the agenda to render all of us whacked, dazed, and confused, and it is working.

Obviously I am only scratching the surface here. Sit back and enjoy the ride if you are too old and tired to pick up the pitchfork and take to the streets.

Dr Frankenstein is definitely making a new monster up there on the hill, right under all of our noses, and “we the people” are the only ones who can stop him before the monster stops us, permanently.

Todd Hayen is a registered psychotherapist practicing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He holds a PhD in depth psychotherapy and an MA in Consciousness Studies. He specializes in Jungian, archetypal, psychology. Todd also writes for his own substack, which you can read here