Sunday, July 3, 2022

Things Are Not Looking Good For Japan’s Sovereignty | The Vineyard of the Saker

 By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog

China, India, Russia and other free nations face difficulties of mutual respect and trust when engaging with the rulers of Japan, because Japan is not a sovereign nation.

Imperial Japan surrendered to the United States of America on August 15, 1945, ending World War II. Ever since then, Japanese rulers have to reassure themselves with their US occupiers before they sign anything with other countries, which basically prevents Asia‘s unification.

America took Japan apart.

First, America seized all Japanese weapons, machines, blueprints and inventions. Next, it took over food and energy supplies. Last, it persecuted hundreds of thousands of nationalists to stoke fear in the population: Obey!

America wanted Japan’s everything, including war reparations, gold reserves, manufacturing and services.

Japan would have to pay for its own US-occupation until the end of time. Currently, Tokyo spends about 8 billion dollars a year to maintain all 34 American bases.

The imperialists came up with an Imperial term for their forge worlds, they call them “export nations.” Thus Japan, much like defeated Nazi Germany, became an export nation for manufacturing, which basically means they now had to produce machines for the American Empire.

And if it’s too much, Japan, you can always find and steal more. Look around you. Just build your factories all over the Pacific sushi rim, but don’t forget to send half of everything to America and its allies.

Unfortunately, this makes Japan womanlike and too expensive.

America’s political system sure is “liberal and democratic,” so Japan‘s 1950 regime hastened to call itself the “Liberal Democratic Party of Japan.“

Much of Japan was renamed also. Confucian became “Christian,” Buddhism became “philosophy.” Colonialism was now “globalism,” and the subjugation of foreign nations is now called “sharing values.” Lastly, Do what the US tells you is “the rules-based order,” and Japan now identifies as [part of] “the West.”

The fact that Japan was tortured and abused for so long nearly made it impossible for China and others to engage with Japan without a US embargo. It is as if the USA, with some bloody baseball bat in hand, ordered Japan: “Don’t speak with the Chinese!”

Accordingly, nobody in Japan speaks Chinese. Even if it’s your 1.4 billion people neighbor. Kids don’t learn the language in school.

The Japanese people are notoriously overworked, yet the average GDP per head after three quarters of a century under US-dictate is forever 33% less than in America, while the tax burden is 100% higher.

More horrible, America “borrowed” stuff from Japan worth $1.3 trillion which it never paid, and will never pay [last day checked, May 1st, 2022].

Did the Japanese people ever benefit from acting like the associate West? No. When Japan imitated the Western powers in the 19th and 20th centuries and colonized Manchuria, Taiwan, South Korea and the Philippines, the real West quickly sabotaged Japan and Japan lost everything, and more.

Even today, after seven decades of westernization, the Western powers in NATO, G7 and the QUAD military alliances see Japan mostly as a useful Asian traitor.

Washington will sanction Japan any time. The most infamous sanctions package against Japan were the cutting it off from food and oil and metals in the 30s of the last century, followed by the freezing of all Japanese overseas assets, resulting in Japan’s desperate attack on the US Navy base in Pearl Harbor.

Since 2016, America is threatening Japan again with sanctions from hell: If you do not buy our latest Boeing military fighters to fight China, if you do not support Ukraine against Russia, we will call you a racist and flood your country with ten million African plumbers. We will also sack Toyota Group and will make a neurotic woman your next prime minister, we will, we will, we will…

About 86,000 US military and ruler people govern Japan [last time checked July 2022]. They have US-aircraft carriers, nukes, killer drones, submarines, and agents in every ministry, university, think tank and NGO. The US embassy complex is larger than Japan’s National Diet.

Here is the sad reality: Japan is the terminal for US hegemony in the Pacific, and its wealth and power are America’s wealth and power, not Asia’s.

For 40 years now, Japan has seen decline or stagnation. What makes us think that more US subjugation is better for Japan?

The US-Japan Trade Agreement of 2020 or and the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement from 2019 are in fact unfair treaties. Study them. Not a single Japanese standard exists in the world. Tokyo is signing its own enslavement to foreign powers, and for what? To exclude Asia.

China does not interfere in the politics of sovereign nations. If Japan wants to decolonize, it can only do so from within itself.

It must, however, want it badly enough—and there are no signs of it as yet. India was ruled by England for 200 years. Hong Kong was a British colony for 156 years.

Japan has been a US colony for 77 years now, and Washington still has great momentum. The West is likely to waste Tokyo in illegal US-Imperial dog fights against neighboring free countries.

This madness could stop if Japan kicked out the US occupiers and got itself ‘respect’ again.

Asia for the Asians.


The author is a German writer and cultural critic.

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