Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The Xin-Civilization – What The Chinese Can And Cannot Do | The Vineyard of the Saker

 By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog

This week there will be an Academic Forum in Beijing on ‘Civilizations Amid Profound Changes’. It is organized by the world‘s largest academy for the social sciences: The Chinese Academy of Social Science or CASS.

You have never heard of it. You can never find it on Google, in the Western media, or wherever you think information should be available to you – it is not.

The West, and I mean the terror states of America and Europe, are the most censorious and domineering parties on earth. They make sure you will never hear or read anything Russian, anything Indian, anything Chinese [with the exception of pro-Western dissidents, of course].

The Forum is just one of many thousands of such top-tier gatherings the West cannot ever report on because if the slave people in the West knew about how far China is ahead of them, we would see regime changes in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin and Brussels. Western people are now caged people. They are the last world people, denied reality. In fact, they are now outside of humanity.

Let me explain that last statement by answering three questions about China and the West that I think more people around the world ought to know about.

1) What are the differences between China and the West?

The differences between the Chinese civilization and Western civilization are threefold: biological, environmental, and epigenetic.

First, the biological ancestral Chinese stock lived in the Yellow River basin around 9000 years ago, and expanded from there. The “East-Asians” today are the most extreme outliers in cognitive abilities; in general they have lighter bodies and larger brains.

Second, the Chinese were able to build the most advanced civilization on the planet. This is not at all a good thing, because all Western powers envied China, starting in the 13th Century, at least. Even to this day, Chinese thought and Chinese technologies are alien and incomprehensible to Europeans.

Third, epigenetic differences refer to relations. Eastern and Western cultures will always find themselves at the two opposing—yet complementary—poles of humanity, like good and evil, male and female, inductive and deductive. So, at least since the last Western imperialism 500 years ago, China came to assume the role of the evil, feminine, and inductive part of humanity. This is the cosmic balance we humans have no say in, but must make the best of our situation.

The West is very violent in this century again. It wants to go on a new crusade and conquer Asia and China.

However, by doing so, it will weaken itself again, will be partly absorbed, and the equilibrium will be maintained.

The East-West dichotomy, as described above in all points, will probably amplify over the next 1000 years. The Western people are depleted; they now have to absorb 1 billion Africans, which will set their civilization back to the neolithic age around 9000 years ago.

In the East, a Xin-Civilization—or “New Civilization”—is being forged, more intelligent and more technological than anything we have seen before. Until it will be assaulted again.

So, East and West are the two extremes of our all-we-have humanity, and our leaders on both sides and in between have to take this into account.

2) What can the West learn from China and vice versa?

There can be no artificial learning between China and the West. We cannot teach Western people Chinese thought and Chinese technology. It is impossible. We tried that for 2000 years. It doesn’t work. What will work, however, is to choose the cosmic path [the Dao] of non-action or wu-wei. Accepting that we cannot change the West, we must set out on a path of mutual respect and tolerance. If we do that, a true Great Learning [the Daxue] will come about, unimposing and most natural.

3) How should we translate Chinese thought?

Translating Chinese concepts like shengren into “saints” and zhongyong into “the middle way” appeased the West quite a bit. The West cannot learn correct Chinese thought and Chinese technology. So, China has to lower its standards for weaker forms of intelligence. This is pretty normal elsewhere. The Semitic people for example have long realized that Hebrew thought cannot be taught to goys (non-Jews). Non-Jews are given English or German translations of Jewish marching orders, and so on.

We see this, by the way, with the adverse Chinese Confucius Institutes in the West. Western educators are very superstitious of Chinese words and names. They think li and de [rituals and ethics] are all magic, or alien, and that Mandarin could seduce their children and pollute their brains.

Therefore, as the author of Shengren [a book], I have argued since my departure from Peking University in 2012, that China cannot teach Chinese to Western people. What it can do, however, is to teach a small selection of its most important key concepts.

Nothing of what I just wrote will ever transpire to a bigger Western audience. 1.4 billion patriotic Chinese are definitely not featured in the West. 300.000 Chinese intellectuals, banned. Chinese search results are not shown. Google ‘on china’ and you will be shown Henry Kissinger. Only the West must represent China. That’s why you will never find the CASS Forum on Civilization. I can’t even find the fact that I studied in China.

Fortunately, we have thousands of years to do this. It is not like the Europeans will become Chinese next week.


The author is a German writer and cultural critic.