Sunday, July 9, 2023

MoA - Bashing China Has Replaced The Diplomatic Dialogue

Bashing China Has Replaced The Diplomatic Dialogue

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is currently in China where she does her best to further piss off her host.

Yellen, in Beijing, Criticizes China’s Treatment of U.S. Companies - NY Times, Jul 7, 2023The concerns of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reflect continuing tensions between the two countries.

Yellen Urges China to Step Up Climate Finance Investments - NY Times, Jul 7, 2023Janet Yellen, the Treasury secretary, said China, the largest emitter of greenhouse gases, can have “greater impact” tackling climate change by working with other nations.

Washington Raises Pressure on China to Combat U.S.’s Fentanyl Crisis - NY Times, Jul 7, 2023

The general attitude of the U.S. is that it can harass China with whatever it likes under its 'national security' mantle while it has a right to expect China to cooperate in other fields. It is a 'don't look at what we do but at what we say' policy.

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