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Mass Liability Cases Busting Smart Meters, Vax Mandates, Green Power (Digital Banking Next?) By Wayne Lusvardi

 “All they (the secret corporations masquerading as government) want is money, not justice” – Cal Washington, co-founder InPower

There are so many stories of all-powerful government oppressing the isolated individual in the past three years that can make one depressed and apathetic. But the real-life story of a Christian construction contractor in Canada trying to figure out how to beat predatory divorce court system has spawned a grass roots legal education movement called InPower that gives citizens tools and information as to how to win over tyrannical courts, hospitals banks, energy companies and green power cooperatives.  This effort has resulted in ten top judges, government officials and public utility officers around the world stepping down from their positions for fear of massive financial liability, including the top un-elected official in Canada and the premier of Western Australia. Say what?! Read on.

After some failures and unanticipated successes over the last five years, InPower’s legal method is now moving into stopping the assumed compulsory installation of smart meters, vaccine mandates, and obtaining settlements for mysterious fire storms on homes with smart meters installed.  Maybe stopping the roll out of digital banking will be next?  After all the bad news it is almost unbelievable.

Cal Washington and two other partners have founded InPower, a non-lawyer, self-help legal education organization to assist local groups around the world to use the hidden legal structure of corporations, masquerading as government, against themselves.  InPower is not a profit-making enterprise but a membership organization.  To get this far, Washington has over the past 10 years had to endure seemingly un-ending divorce court proceedings, shake downs by double-dealing lawyers on both sides who worked against him to enrich themselves and jail sentences to intimidate him to drop his legal cases.  Washington is not some hateful radical but a mild mannered, rational person who is apparently motivated out of religious values.

Why InPower Works

Washington explains that the breakthrough for him in his understanding of how the legal system works was when he took a course in commerce law. Through this course he discovered that most government agencies and courts are corporations, not government entities, including the USA and your local incorporated city (not charter cities).  As we are painfully finding out, private corporations like Twitter and Google are not bound by the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights guaranteeing its users free speech.  Neither are the courts, your local public health department, and many other “agencies” that Washington says masquerade as government entities. And, like all corporations, all they want is your money (e.g., traffic court).  Instead, corporations use commerce or merchant law that is bound by contract law. So, when a person invokes the Constitution, they get nowhere in the courts that adhere to merchant law and contract law.

The Bureaucratic Pyramid or Totem Pole – InPower
Government Level
Merchant Law
Constitutional United States of America
Corporate Level
Global government corporations, WHO, UN, etc.
United States as corporation (USA and Canada are both incorporated in Washington DC)
State corporation, public health departments and official, public utility commission
Incorporated cities, counties, utility companies, public health officer
Your Employer Corporation
You (figuratively buried underground on totem pole)

As Washington points out Canada is not a country, it is the Mercantilist Hudson Bay Company who were pirates for the Queen.

Tacit Consent

Moreover, government prefers to use businesses not only to tax citizens but to enforce its policies.  So, the imposition of smart meters, vaccines, and digital banking is being accomplished by energy companies, hospitals and local, but global owned, banks. Under contract law these “agencies” (a person or entity that acts on behalf of other entities) have to get you to tacitly assent to the following elements of a contract:

InPower Contract Law Prerequisites:

Tender of offer disguised as mandate not a contract (under compulsion of losing your job if you don’t get vaccine)

Meeting of the minds posed as one-sided mandate

Unconditional acceptance (tacit acceptance inferred unless you opt out)

Money exchange or performance to ratify the contract.

One of the key elements in such disguised contracts to install a smart meter or to switch your electric service to a local green energy cooperative is that you do not need to sign the contract as your tacit agreement is assumed.  Imagine being compelled to buy a home or encumber yourself with a mortgage without having to sign the document.  So, everyone is automatically enrolled in smart meters, green energy cooperatives, digital banking, etc. (In my case in California I opted out of the green energy co-op but they automatically enrolled me anyway). When you tacitly assent to joining a local green power cooperative in California for example, you are giving up your assurance by your regional energy company to provide you with reliable power.

Another key element is full disclosure requirements of contract law, such as when buying a house.  Washington points out there is no disclosure of whether smart meters are safe (EMF exposures, fires, etc.), vaccines are safe (experimental RNA vaccine), or your forced use of green energy may increase your power bill and expose you to frequent blackouts.

Another tactic used by InPower is contractual counteroffers and buying a bond that insures you against liability but also requires the agency to pay the bond if liability ensues.  As Washington explains it, he won a $300 million liability judgment against the government in Canada by use of this method. This resulted in the highest non-elected public official in Ontario Province resigning or face personal liability.

Mass liability actions are not class action lawsuits because one is merely countering a contract proffered by corporations acting on behalf of government. What InPower also exposes is the utter failure of labor unions to protect their employees.

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