Wednesday, July 5, 2023

America: The First True Global Talmudic Empire, by Richard Solomon - The Unz Review


Throughout history, each evolutionary segment of linear empire incorporated its own symbols, archetypes, and myths to sell its messaging and justify its actions.. Rothschild Zionists currently run the US Anglo-Zionist empire, not just as behind-the-scenes financiers as was common in the past, but as “hands on the wheel” / “in full public view” managers. As a result, the empire’s metaphysical mass messaging uses the “mind-speak” of international Jewry. The Talmud* encourages theft, chicanery, duplicity, financial exploitation, torture, murder, slavery, and Jewish supremacism, making these traits the ideological glue that holds America together. Talmudic ideology combined with high-tech policing, greedy corporations, a ravenous military machine, and an all-powerful international banking cartel turned the US into the first true global Talmudic empire. (*Israel Shahak, “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years”)

Global empires bleed out the foreign nations they subjugate, and eventually inflict the same fate on their citizens. As pointed out by economist Michael Hudson, the Roman Empire amassed great wealth for its oligarch and creditor/rentier classes, while the average Roman citizen lived in a state of “bread and circuses” poverty. The sun never set on the British Empire as it sucked the wealth from its vassal states, yet debtors’ prisons and workhouses abounded in Dickens’ London. The problem was so bad that economist Robert Malthus proposed using austerity to eliminate England’s “wretched class.” Sounds like Davos neoliberalism.

As the latest cosmic string iteration of empire, the United States suffers from the same pathologies as its predecessors, only more so. Once the hyper-capitalist Anglo-Saxon US republic transitioned into the hyper-capitalist US Anglo-Saxon empire (Monroe Doctrine?), Talmudic empire became possible, and later inevitable. Like Philip K. Dick repeated throughout his “Valis” novel, “The Empire Never Ended.”

Before I continue, a quick disclaimer. I’m not indiscriminately Jew-bashing. I dig right-on Jews. Some of the leading opponents of Rothschild Zionism are Jews. “Little Jews” need to wake up to the “Big Jew” agenda. The “pogrom” program is an integral closing component of “Big Jewry’s “bleed the host” business model. It’s great to be a Jew- until it’s not. “The Synagogue of Satan” empowers itself by using “little Jew” destruction karma. After 109 “pogrom” programs, international Jewish finance stands stronger than ever. End-stage “controlled scarcity” capitalism eventually devours everyone below the oligarchs and their managerial class. To simply focus on Jews without evaluating the entrenched systems misses the point. The Jewish crime families who control global finance don’t need physical “Jews” to run the rigged automated “Wall Street” program or biometric ID surveillance state. They can just as easily insert Brahmin tech scribes, blueblood WASPs, or woke Latinas into the peacock cog positions. Unless you live “under the dome” or escape (where?), you’re either getting slow-cooked into a hot frog slushie or thrown into a fast-track collapse ultra-violence sex-death cult orgy.

While the Jewish mafia banking families seized control of the US financial system in 1913, I don’t think America officially became a full-spectrum Talmudic empire until 9/11. By then, organized Jewry had taken control of the domestic and international policy-making apparatus, along with media, finance, military, intelligence agencies, technology, education, healthcare, policing, prisons, industry, societal narratives, and pretty much everything else.

To support my 9/11 Rubicon theory, I submit that the best way to determine who controls an empire is through its discretionary wars. Before the Israeli-US Deep State orchestrated 9/11 attacks, American wars benefitted multiple elite cliques. While war always benefits Jewish finance, Vietnam, Grenada, Nicaragua, Panama, Iraq I, served other special interest groups. While US wars still enrich those groups, the targets are now chosen by Rothschild Zionists. Barring Afghanistan as an entry point, Iraq, Libya, and Syria were seen as roadblocks to Israeli Middle East hegemony. Iran is also on the Israel Firsters hit list. Ukraine is a total Jewish war. Jewish President Zelensky stated on record his plans to turn Ukraine into “Big Israel.” Zelensky was put into power by Israeli/Ukraine oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. George Soros NGOs laid the groundwork for neoliberal BlackRock-Ukraine. The Ukraine War is managed by Biden’s Jewish state department. The Ukraine money laundering operation is run by BlackRock and Sam Bankman-Fried financial operatives with healthy profits funneled to non-Jewish Zionists like the Biden and Clinton crime families. On a primal level, Russo-Ukrainian bloodletting is revenge for Nuland, Blinken, and other Jewish neocons who hold Slavs collectively responsible for family expulsions.

How does the escalating China conflict relate to organized Jewry? In the 1990s, Bill Clinton’s Jewish banking handlers outsourced the US industrial base to China, although this plan might have been in the works when Kissinger met with Chairman Mao. While China’s rise to global power was inevitable- making it the world’s manufacturing hub sped up the process considerably. China owed a debt of gratitude to Jewish finance, and probably would have granted it liberal access to China’s banking system. The problem was the Rothschild Zionists wanted total control of China’s economy and government as payback. China said no, and here we are.

So what are some of the unique characteristics of Talmudic empire?

To my knowledge, the Talmudic Empire is running the first global White genocide program. As organized Jewry views majority White societies as world-domination cockblockers, Whites need to be psychologically, spiritually, and physically neutralized. This requires dismantling classical Western Civilization while retaining its largely White European-created technological capabilities. This was first and foremost achieved through open borders and weaponized immigration.

One must also factor in the role “little Whites” played as the muscle for international Jewish finance and the “Big Whites’” Global South plunder, genocide, and slavery program over the last five or so centuries. The recent French riots demonstrate the perils of that policy. The French government’s long history of orchestrating coups, assassinations, and wars in Africa and the Middle East brought home the chickens. France played a role in the destruction of Libya, a country that had the highest standard of living in Africa, and acted as the cork to uncontrolled African immigration into Europe. Granted, a subject population has no say in the policies of its tyrannical government, but it deals with the consequences. The French Yellow Vests tried to fight the system and were ruthlessly crushed. Now the Islamic/African bloc is taking a crack at it. Ironically (or not), the same police agencies that took out the Yellow Vests are fighting the Muslim rioters. A “win-lose” system requires violence or the threat of violence to power its engine. Generally, the state prevails, as it holds the deadliest arsenal. When the weapons that NATO shipped to Ukraine hit the European theater black market and CIA-ISIS enters the mix, Europe could turn into a Ted Bundy “Electric Kool-aid Acid Test.” The karmic blowback hurricane from colonialism/globalization packs enough force to blow down the edifice of Western Civilization. “Blood in, blood out,” as the gangbangers say.

From my viewpoint, just like Africa belongs to the Africans, the “European” continent territories are the White man’s cosmic birthright. Any “White” nation outside of that zone falls under the rules of conquest/nation-building, and those rules were broken. If the US empire ever goes fast-track bankrupt and pulls its military off European soil, and assuming Europe withstands the shockwave, runs its own program, abandons colonialist aspirations, and seeks “win-win” cooperation with Russia and China, I think there’s a chance “Western Civilization” survives, though not as primary global influencer.

Since we’re on race, let’s move to America’s Black car, as it has an important role in Talmudic Empire domestic politics.

As documented by the amazing scholars at the Nation of Islam Research Group, Jewish finance played a monumental role in the Atlantic slave trade. That’s not to downplay Anglo-Saxon ruling class involvement. Plantation owners gave their surnames to their slaves, and most US Blacks have Anglo last names.

However, the vast majority of southern Whites never owned slaves. Slavery impoverished the average southern White, as it dramatically lowered wages. If organized Jewry wants working class Whites to pay for slavery, then wealthy “liberal” Jews need to kick in their share. And if we’re going down that road, what about the hundreds of trillions of dollars stolen by the Jewish bank cartels, and their wars and genocides? Perhaps it’s time for Rothschild Zionist reparations.

Like “Holocaust” Reparations, Black Reparations is a Rothschild Zionist scam designed to enrich organized Jewry and its corporate House African Americans. It also provides dry kindling for “divide and conquer” racial conflagration.

All mainstream Black organizations, from NAACP to #BLM, are funded and controlled by organized Jewry and its corporate allies. It was a Rothschild Zionist judge who sat on the NAACP board of directors that handed Black liberationist Marcus Garvey the maximum prison sentence. Whenever Blacks start independent organizations, Rothschild Zionists and their Anglo allies try to crush them. Look at the full-throttle attack on the Black Panthers, and the recent FBI raid on the African People’s Socialist Party for alleged “election meddling” on Russia’s behalf.

Another unique aspect of Talmudic empire is the rainbow flag agenda. On a surface level, it falls under identity politics. “Liberal Democrats” were traditionally anti-war, pro-labor, anti-corporate, and anti-censorship. Now that they’ve gone 180 on those issues, all they can do is wave their Lockheed Martin rainbow flags.

Before I go deeper, let me say that I harbor no ill will against the gay and trans communities. Gay people have produced amazing art and literature, as well as other valuable contributions. In Tao, it’s considered bad etiquette to stick your nose into the private sex lives of consenting adults. Conversely, it’s rude to push your sex life on uninterested parties. As the US Anglo-Zionist Empire is forcing gay sex and transgenderism on the world at gunpoint, and has made the rainbow flag its official symbol, the topic warrants discussion. Especially since that agenda targets children. Turning a nation’s kids gay or trans amounts to industrial-scale pedophilia and “crimes against humanity” medical experimentation. The empire knows this will ultimately result in a severe backlash against uninvolved gay and trans people, but it doesn’t care.

Why would the Deep State want to turn everyone gay or trans? First and foremost, to feminize the male population. Feminine* men are easier to control. Secondly, the trans agenda softened the public toward future transhumanist experimentation. Thirdly, pedophilia exists within the Talmud,** as evidenced by certain sects of ultra-orthodox rabbis who orally copulate male infants post-circumcision as part of their religious ritual.

(*I’m not saying all gay men are feminine. Some gay dudes are very rough cats. Don’t underestimate fem queens either, as they can be quite vicious when provoked. As a general rule, try extra hard to avoid fights with gays, because if you win you lose, and if you lose you really lose. **I’m not saying all Jewish sects who use the Talmud are bad. The Neturei Karta orthodox sect that met with the President of Iran and shows up at “Free Palestine” rallies seems ok. The True Torah Jews orthodox sect also looks reasonable. With religious text, how the script gets interpreted and acted on matters most.)

As for transgenders, like hermaphroditism, I believe it’s a real thing. On rare occasions, in utero, a female brain forms inside an externally male fetus. The Native Americans called these individuals “dual spirits.” In Thailand, they’re known as ladyboys. Ayatollah Khomeini recognized this congenital anomaly, which is why transgenderism is legal in the Islamic Republic of Iran. However, the millions of Fred Flintstones in wigs suddenly springing up calling themselves women, are for the most part not organic transgenders, but rather psychologically unstable individuals who fell victim to an unprecedented Deep State psyops. Barring those who committed crimes against children, they need treatment, not punishment.

The Talmudic empire gains power by untethering its subject population from its cultural foundations. Someone who switches genders or orientation because of a psyop can also be made to believe that pumping hundreds of billions of treasury dollars into the Ukraine money laundering project is “democracy.” Or receiving a weekly mRNA covid-monkeypox-gender reassignment-docility booster shot is healthcare.

“Israel First” is another key element of US Talmudic Empire. The Zionist Lobby bribed and blackmailed both sides of the uniparty. They’ve also inserted dual-national Mossad operatives into key government positions. Many acknowledge Zionist Occupied Palestine but ignore Zionist Occupied America. Fixing the latter mitigates the former. Whether that happens before empire collapse is another story. As for Rothschild Israel- it holds 200 nukes in its back pocket. Once the US is removed from the equation, only China has pliers big enough to declaw that tiger. Given China’s success in brokering the Saudi-Iran peace deal, I think a China-mediated two-state solution is possible, along with potential South African-style Israeli nuclear disarmament. It beats the Samson Option.

No Talmudic Empire would be complete without debt slavery and an accompanying parasite FIRE economy. Predatory capitalism is bad enough, but with Rothschild Zionists running the program, things went into giant radioactive mutant leach overdrive.

The Babylonian Talmud originated around the same time the Babylonian Jewish banking families started flexing their golden muscles. I strongly suspect that these Babylonian Jewish bankers financed and promoted the Babylonian Talmud. America really is the Whore of Babylon.

I’ll close out with the “Holocaust,” as it’s an important part of the Talmudic empire narrative. It’s so sacrosanct, you can wind up in prison for questioning any part of the official story. ADL “Holocaust” censorship harmonizes nicely with Deep State political censorship, as both shut down free speech. From “Holocaust” censorship comes antisemitism censorship, which means anyone who criticizes Israel or Jewish power is a baby-eating Nazi who deserves gulag treatment.

Any discussion of the “Holocaust” needs to acknowledge the Jewish bankers looting of Weimar Germany and their role in Germany’s WWI defeat. People also need to recognize that following WW2, millions of Germans were exterminated by the Allies and Jewish Bolshevik concentration camp commandants and guards. 2023 German deindustrialization seems like a continuation of the Morgenthau Plan. Furthermore, as per Professor Norman Finkelstein, “Holocaust” reparations was a giant grift operation that netted organized Jewry hundreds of billions (trillions?) of dollars, and famous “Holocaust” survivors like Elie Wiesel who helped sell it, turned out to be frauds. As far as genocide goes, international Jewry holds the world record for body count. Their involvement in the covid bioweapon/mRNA vaccine mandates represents the ultimate act of global well poisoning.

That said, I do think a WW2 Jewish genocide took place. The “number” makes people on both sides of the aisle crazy. I’ll take my crack at the “number,” but all I can do is use the data that’s floating around and formulate an estimate. I wasn’t flying over WW2 Europe in a spaceship ticking off boxes every time a Jew got wasted- so chill Holmes.

In his book “Hitler’s War,” historian David Irving provides compelling evidence of SS-orchestrated Jewish liquidations on the Eastern Front post-Operation Barbarossa. After it became evident that Palestine, Madagascar, and Russia were no longer viable sites for a future Jewish colony and Germany began losing the war, I think Himmler (to whom Hitler delegated the JQ) decided to use more extreme measures. It also stands to reason that once the light turned green, Ukranians, Latvians, and others who lost family members to Jewish Bolshevik genocide jumped at the chance for collective payback, despite most of the actual perpetrators having long departed Dodge. While the 6 million Jews gassed in an Auschwitz shower stall story is fake, it has produced a backlash of equally ahistorical counterclaims. Pre-1967 researchers like Raul Hilberg put the number at about 5 million. Gerald Reitlinger set it at around 4 million, and in “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” Shirer was willing to go as low as 3 million although he halfheartedly entertained 6 million as a possibility, most likely to get his book published and promoted. Since rational historical debate is now illegal, I’ve developed a universal “genocide formula” for death numbers that works for Jews, Armenians, Cambodians, Native Americans, Ukrainians, etc. To use my “genocide formula” simply take the official casualty number and divide by two. In the case of the Jews, six million divided by two equals three million. I guess we’ll have to wait for future objective historical analysis to determine whether my genocide formula holds up. Like Stalin said, “A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths are a statistic.” I’m desensitized. Or Zen. I prefer the latter.

If the “Holocaust Museum” wanted to provide a real learning lesson, they’d focus less on their “number,” and more on schooling “little Jews” about the dangers of “Big Jew” overreach. Everyone could benefit from that class.

“Never again,” they say. “It won’t happen this time,” they say. Yet somehow it always does.