Friday, July 7, 2023

Caving To Jewish Demands, Anglican Church Of Canada Will No Longer Pray For The Conversion Of Jews - Christians for Truth

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Following the lead of the Catholic Church in removing the Latin Mass which prays for the conversion of the Jews, the Anglican Church of Canada has also capitulated — much to the gloating relief of Christ-hating Jews across Canada:

“The Anglican Church of Canada has voted to remove from its prayer books a prayer calling for the conversion of the Jews.

The decision, made Friday during a church convening in Calgary, ratifies a move first announced three years ago to replace the prayer with one calling for reconciliation with the Jews.

At the time, the Anglican bishop of Quebec said the change would help the church “acknowledge and repent” for its “participation in antisemitism” and help it to “stop singling out Jews as a target for our evangelistic efforts, and to assume a humble and reconciliatory stance with our Jewish elders in the faith….”

We commend the General Synod for this important decision,” said Rabbi Adam Stein of Congregation Beth Israel in Vancouver, in a statement on behalf of the Canadian Rabbinic Caucus and Canada’s Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

Authentic interfaith dialogue requires respect,” said Stein, who spoke to church leaders in 2019. “Any attempt by one to convert the other is the antithesis of respect. Changing this prayer represents a milestone in Anglican-Jewish relations and invites Anglicans to assume a reconciliatory stance with the Jewish community.”

The decision comes amid a spate of efforts to strip antisemitic elements from Christian liturgy and practices. In December, citing a rise in antisemitism, including among self-described Christian nationalists, the Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations urged churches to scrutinize their own practices and change those that can fuel hatred against Jews.

The group’s letter followed initiatives in some of the world’s largest Christian denominations to address antisemitism in their liturgy and history. Earlier in 2022, the Episcopal Church announced that it would review pre-Easter readings that blame “the Jews” for the death of Jesus, and offered an alternative to them.

Meanwhile, in 2021, Pope Francis restricted the use of the Latin Mass, a traditionalist liturgy that includes a prayer for the conversion of Jews, out of concern that it was being used by those who did not accept the Catholic Church’s 1965 statement declaring that the Jews were not responsible for Jesus’ death; he has also condemned antisemitism.

And the Church of England, from which the Anglican Church of Canada spun off, recently apologized to Jews for the antisemitic laws that led to their expulsion 800 years ago.

The Anglican Church of Canada’s new prayer, “For Reconciliation with the Jews,” was written in consultation with the Canadian Rabbinic Caucus, according to the resolution to remove the “Conversion of the Jews” prayer. A different prayer for Jewish conversion to Christianity was removed from the Canadian church’s Easter liturgy in the 1990s.”

There you have it — just as the Catholic Church allowed rabbis and converso Jews to write the documents of the Vatican II “reforms”, the Anglican Church of Canada has done the exact same thing, allowing rabbis to rewrite the prayers they are allowed to use in their own churches.

We wrote a recent article exposing how the Church of Scotland capitulated to Jewish demands that it cease speaking out against Zionism and the ongoing genocide in Palestine — while at the same time recognizing that as “God’s chosen people” Jews have their own path to salvation independent of Jesus Christ — a belief that makes Christianity to none effect.

Yes, the Church of England — which is headed by the crypto-Jew Justin Welby — not only officially apologized to the Jews for supporting their expulsion in 1290, the Church also acknowledged that its “anti-Jewish” policies actually contributed to the mythical Holocaust™.

That said, praying for the conversion of the Jews — and allowing conversos into the Church hierarchy — has been an unmitigated disaster for the Catholic Church — as many of the abuses within the Church — such as selling indulgences, allowing usury, and even the Inquisition and burning heretics at the stake — were promulgated by such Jewish converts.

We wrote an article showing how Roy Schoeman, a Jew who converted to the Catholic Church, claimed he felt “more Jewish than ever” — proving just how accommodating the Church has become to those who continue to identify as “Jews”.

When Christians like the Anglican Church of Canada concede that Jews are their “elders in the faith”, what “faith” are they talking about?

Christianity has been from its foundation a superceding of the faith of the Hebrews — in that it acknowledged that salvation could not be achieved by vainly attempting to absolve sin through the empty rituals of the Law — that’s why, as the prophet Jeremiah foretold, Israel would need a “new covenant” with God — where sin could be absolved only through the death, resurrection, and faith in their promised Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Even so, today’s so-called “Jews” are not real Hebrews, nor do they practice the traditional faith of the ancient Hebrews — whereas talmudic Judaism — which has its origins in Babylon — wasn’t codified into a “religion” until 150 years after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD.

By capitulating to the supremacy of Judaism over Christianity, today’s modern Christian churches have essentially allowed occult Babylonian mysticism — the “traditions of the elders” — to become part of the Christian faith — which Jesus Christ rebuked in no uncertain terms.

Of course, the Anglican Church of Canada will never demand that the Jews repudiate and remove all anti-Christian and anti-gentile hateful content in their “holy” book, the Talmud — after all, this “inter-faith” dialogue is always a one-way street where Christians are forced to compromise and repent while Jews concede nothing.

There was a time when the Catholic Church took action against the Jews — and repeatedly ordered the public burnings of their Talmud, which is replete with anti-Christian vitriol — but those good old days are long gone.

Make no mistake, the Jews are nowhere near finished with eviscerating the Christian faith — with every concession the Christian churches make, the Jews have only become more emboldened to demand more — such as demanding that all “offensive” references to “Jews” in the New Testament be removed.

Judeo-Christianity” today is very quickly becoming indistinguishable from Judaism and its evil step-child, Zionism — as Christians grovel at the feet of those who wish them death and destruction, such as “inter-faith” rabbi and freemason, Raymond Apple, whose “success” in judaizing Australia can be seen in the following video:

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