Monday, August 14, 2023

World Economic Forum: Reimagining Government via AI & Stakeholders By Helena Glass

 A group called anti-white watch has taken to posting about violence perpetrated against all ethnic Europeans by blacks that across the globe.   The genocide of white people at the hands of blacks is ‘tolerated’ because our newly installed governments really just don’t care as long as they are paid to do nothing. Why should they?   They will do the bidding of their handlers because they know election fraud as it is exposed isn’t just against Trump –

All of Congress was voted in illegally.

Every action Congress initiates is dictated behind the scenes.   Getting riled by their failure to actually act on their words is useless because their words don’t belong to them.   They are simply following orders.   Biden will not be impeached until or unless the Cartel ruling all western countries – so decides.   Kamala Giggles will continue to speak like a lost child and ridiculed – until the Cartel is no longer entertained.

Ethiopia is now in turmoil. Ecuadorian presidential candidate was assassinated.   Mountains of evidence revealing the 2020 US election treason will go ignored.   A 74 year old man assassinated by the FBI for tweeting mean tweets will go ignored.  And citizens will become more angry – as is planned.

There is no Biden Administration.   There is no Biden.   DeSantis is now using deep fake AI imagery to defame Trump in political campaign ads.   DeSantis is – the deep fake.   Christy is challenging Trump to a verbal duel?   Pence can’t figure out how to pump gas?   AOC is a bartender. Obama was a cocaine dealer.   And anyone MAGA is being targeted for assassination.

Yesterday a ‘secret cable was released detailing the Biden Cartel Handlers ordered the detention and arrest of Pakistan’s Imran Khan.   According to a statement by Nuland with regard to her bullying of Niger’s Military Junta – according to American Law, coups are a federal crime…   so who ordered the Pakistan coup?

The illegal January 6th Committee colluded with the FBI and has now been found to have destroyed evidence – a criminal offense.   An offense that could render ALL of those imprisoned in DC Gulags with a get-out-of-jail- FREE card, and destroy Jack Smith’s entire case against Trump… A case that was riddled with lackluster accusations.

Why did they destroy evidence?   Because, it would have exonerated Trump and all those accused. Meaning a class action lawsuit should now be the means of taking down those individuals involved including Nancy Pelosi, and every FBI official who incited the deaths of two women at the capitol;   Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland.

But who will indict them?

One of the last tenets of the World Economic Forum’s Agenda is the dissolution of governments.   How?   Implode from within. Meaning, the governments doing the bidding of the Cartel are destroying themselves without any need of force…

The People are being fed a constant litany of corruption, fraud, pedophilia and even treason within our ranks of government officials. The People will demand that the entire government system be expelled – and we will be offered an ‘alternative’.

In 2017, the WEF published a white paper on the ‘new government model’ which they coin as being “With The People” instead of “For The People”.   When the government is now The People – who actually rules?   Data.   AI will govern the populace.   Governments will step down from their stage and mingle as a commoner, conveying the messages from The People to AI.   All according to the White Paper as written by The Global Agenda Council, rebranded as The Global Future Councils in 2016 whose self described task is to recreate Earth – in their image.

The agenda is to either witness or manufacture brokenness – including a broken inept government and its subsidiaries; such as the FBI and CIA.

“The network convenes around 600 of the most relevant and knowledgeable thought leaders from academia, government, international organizations, business, and civil society, grouped in expertise-based thematic councils. It is an invitation-only community and members are nominated for a two-year term.”

The Global Futures Council divided itself into a series of subsets, such as:   The Future of AI, The Future of Autonomous Mobility, The Future of Economies, The Future of Cities, etc…   Each subset is assigned a board to manage the adoption of their particular Agenda.

The government’s future operating model is a public-private-society network model. And The Government must be ‘managed’ externally.

The point of declaring the subsets is to declare what aspects of our society are already broken and which still require a manufactured brokenness.   A RESET is to implant a new system within the broken one as created by the board of the Futures Council subset tasked with that reimagining.

For Example:   Government is broken – therefore it needs to be eliminated in order to insert a RESET order of government powered by AI and Managed by Stakeholders.   Food and Water Security is ‘being broken’ in order to RESET a new food source.   (Chickens are destroyed because a duck didn’t show up at the sanctuary on time – therefore a bird-flu epidemic is used to cull millions of chickens per the FDA.) The unsustainability of chickens is thus assured.

Where do these Chairs and Leaders come from? Bain & Co, Harvard, Microsoft, Center For Global Development, World Bank, Gates Foundation, Norwegian Government, University of Oxford, Milanovic, JP Morgan, Deloitte, MacArthur Foundation, NYU, McKinsey & Co, Hillary, etc… etc…etc…

Reimagining earth requires destroying every society, every city, every government in order to rebuild an AI/Stakeholder globe.  All countries must abide or be destroyed.

In that vein, Ukraine has become a test country for destruction.   It’s citizens evacuated or killed.   It’s social structure – destroyed. Churches and religion – destroyed.   It’s infrastructure, government, and foundations – destroyed.   Because according to the Center For Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) rebuilding and reimagining Ukraine will commence sometime in September after Councils meet to agree on ‘how’ and Stakeholders collectively declare the war is over.

So.   As we become more and more riled and disillusioned with an incompetent, corrupt, fraudulent government – a corrupt justice system – a corrupt food system – remember – this is exactly how they want us to react!

Reprinted with the author’s permission.