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The Fossil Fuel Farce – The Burning Platform

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Originally posted at Dispatches from Reality, by Scipio Eruditus.

“The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government, which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation. To depart from mere generalizations, let me say that at the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller–Standard Oil interests and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as the international bankers… powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes.

They practically CONTROL both parties, write political platforms, make catspaws of party leaders, use the leading men of private organizations, and resort to every device to place in nomination for high public office only such candidates as will be amenable to the dictates of corrupt big business.

These international bankers and Rockefeller–Standard Oil interests control the majority of the newspapers and magazines in this country… It operates under cover of a self-created screen [and] seizes our executive officers, legislative bodies, schools, courts, newspapers and every agency created for the public protection.”

— John F. Hylan, Mayor of New York City (D), 1918-1925


The Twentieth Century — sometimes referred to as the American Century — was a veritable whirlwind of military-grade PsyOps, pernicious lies, dastardly deceptions, grandiose absurdities, occult propaganda, and ostentatious fabrications of the highest order. That psychological storm has only intensified in the advent of the internet age, with these fictitious occult metanarratives and anti-truths now spawning on a daily basis. We are so bathed in these fables — at every stage of life — that we no longer even perceive or appreciate their impact upon us. Indeed, it is truly impossible to understate the magnitude and frequency with which new attacks upon our mental and spiritual faculties are now launched. Immoral absurdities have become canonized as our new cultural cornerstones.

The overarching theme of the Twentieth Century was not wars for oil, nuke scaremongering, the alleged space race, or even its many genocides: it is control. Control of our minds through mass media; control of our medicine through the cartelization of healthcare; control of our breeding through eugenics & abortion; control of our churches through 501(c)3 regulations; control of our children through public schools; control of our wallets through fiat currency; and ultimately, control of our very body and soul. One of the most fundamental ways we have been controlled is through artificially emplaced limits upon our energy production, and no I don’t mean that in a woo-woo or new age sense. What I mean rather is that petroleum, i.e. fossil fuel, is not a scarce resource: it is a renewable, mineral compound formed through natural geological processes12.


— Rockefeller Standard Oil logo (1972). Note the inclusion of the torch of enlightenment, an ubiquitous occult symbol.


The Rockefeller clan, one of the legacy banking bloodlines within America, have ensured that this pernicious fabrication has utterly ensorcelled our society. They are certainly not the only culprit responsible for perpetuating this fable, but their companies, trust funds, foundations, and media lackeys have done the lion’s share of the work to incept this idea within our national consciousness. As always, let us first define our terms by turning to the CIA’s pet-project3 Wikipedia to see what they define as a fossil fuel:

[a] fossil fuel is a hydrocarbon-containing material such as coal, oil, and natural gas, formed naturally in the Earth’s crust from the remains of dead plants and animals that is extracted and burned as a fuel.4

And as the Freemason founded Encyclopedia Britannica states:

All fossil fuels contain carbon, and all were formed as a result of geologic processes acting on the remains of organic matter…5

Both of these statements are quite simply demonstrable falsehoods and spectacularly fail to account for the totality of the evidence available to us. The Al Shaheen oil field6 is now the deepest borehole and oil rig in the world, at 40,604 feet. This is well beyond the depths at which we have ever found a fossil, currently standing at 8,579 feet7. The deepest point at which scientists have ever found bacteria is at 4,564 feet8, while algae has never been discovered in water deeper than 850 feet9. Regardless of the logical absurdities required to believe that liquified dinosaur flesh powers your car – oil is clearly being formed in a location that precludes the possibility that organic life, no matter the age, could somehow contribute to its formation. The lies that have undergirded the oil century are no less fabulous than the lies undergirding many of modern society’s foundational beliefs.


“The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control….

Do I mean CONSPIRACY? Yes I do.

I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.”

— Congressman Larry P. McDonald (D-GA), President of the John Birch Society10


Since we are told fossil fuels are millions of year old and entirely derived from organic matter, it is definitionally a scarce and non-renewable resource. This also could not be further from the truth. Petroleum and natural gas reservoirs have been repeatedly shown to replenish themselves over time:

Recent measurements in a major oil field show “that the fluids were changing over time; that very light oil and gas were being injected from below, even as the producing (oil pumping) was going on,” said chemical oceanographer Mahlon Kennicutt. “They are refilling as we speak. But whether this is a worldwide phenomenon, we don’t know.”

…The inflow of new gas, and some oil, has been detectable in as little as three to 10 years.

— The Daily Herald

This phenomenon is well documented both within the media and scientific literature. The fact that oil and natural gas continues to replenish itself from reservoirs deep within the Earth directly refute the idea that “fossil fuels” are somehow biotic in nature.



The abiotic theory of petroleum creation was a topic explored quite extensively by Russian scientists during and after the Cold War. Dr. Jerome Corsi discusses the truly staggering body of scientific evidence backing this theory up (emphasis mine):

Beginning in 1940, Stalin commissioned a scientific examination into every aspect of petroleum, including how it is created, why reserves are formed, how the oil can best be discovered and extracted. Between 1940 and 1995, Russian scientists published some 347 scientific publications on the Fischer-Tropsch process, on the way to obtaining some 170 Fischer-Tropsch patents. By 1951, Professor Nikolai Kudryavtsev articulated what today has become known as the Russian-Ukrainian Theory of Deep, Abiotic Petroleum Origins. Essentially, the theory rejected the contention that oil was formed from the remains of ancient plant and animal life that died millions of years ago.

— The Great Oil Conspiracy

Indeed, the abiotic oil theory can hardly be called fringe science when nearly the entirety of the Russian, Chinese, and Ukrainian oil industry is founded upon that very methodology. The abiotic theory is widely accepted within the former Soviet bloc countries, and it continues to be applied to discover new oil fields to this day (emphasis mine):

…exploration in the western Siberia cratonic-rift sedimentary basin has developed 90 petroleum fields of which 80 produce either partly or entirely from the crystalline basement. The exploration and discoveries of the 11 major and 1 giant fields on the northern flank of the Dneiper-Donets basin have already been noted. There are presently deep drilling exploration projects under way in Azerbaijan, Tatarstan, and Asian Siberia directed to testing potential oil and gas reservoirs in the crystalline basement.

— Stalin and Abiotic Oil11


Now if petroleum is an abiotic mineral as opposed to an organic substance, there must naturally be a chemical process that we can mimic to recreate that compound. Given the right heat, pressure and elemental make-up, hydrocarbon liquids should be able to be reproduced — under the right conditions. That is precisely what American and German scientists discovered over a century and a half ago (emphasis mine):

French chemist Charles Friedel and his American collaborator, James Mason Crafts, first produced synthetic hydrocarbon oils in 1877, marking the first notable achievement on the timeline of synthetic oil history.

In 1913, German scientist Friedrich Bergius developed a hydrogenation process for producing synthetic oil from coal dust. Twelve years later, his countrymen, Franz Fischer and Hans Tropsch, developed a process for converting a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen into liquid hydrocarbons.

In America, meanwhile, Standard Oil Company of Indiana tried to commercialize synthetic oil in 1929, but lack of demand doomed the attempt. That didn’t stop Standard Oil researcher F.W. Sullivan from publishing a paper in 1931 that disclosed a process for the polymerization of olefins to form liquid products.

At about the same time, German chemist Hermann Zorn independently discovered the same process. Their discoveries laid the groundwork for the eventual widespread use of synthetic oil.

— The History of Synthetic Oil (and AMSOIL) 12

This process — called the Fischer-Tropsch process — is used to inject hydrogen into gaseous carbon at high heats; eventually it is synthesized into a usable liquid form. As industry analysts and oil historians will attest to, the Rockefeller owned Standard Oil company was pivotal in exploring these avenues of research.



This is clearly not a theoretical science of little import, as it has been used quite extensively in the past — and to great effect. Synthetic fuel played a pivotal role in the ability for the German war-machine to even function in World War II. The Germans made extensive use of the Fischer-Tropsch process to synthesize oil from coal and other chemical derivatives in order to fuel the Wehrmacht & Luftwaffen (emphasis mine):

[I.G. Farben was] enthusiastically embraced by Standard Oil as well as other major American corporations like Du Pont and General Motors…

In fact, without the explicit help of Standard Oil, the Nazi air force would never have gotten off the ground in the first place. The planes that made up the Luftwaffe needed tetraethyl lead gasoline in order to fly. At the time, only Standard Oil, Du Pont, and General Motors had the ability to produce this vital substance. In 1938, Walter C. Teagle, then president of Standard Oil, helped Hermann Schmitz of I.G. Farben to acquire 500 tons of tetraethyl lead from Ethyl, a British Standard subsidiary. A year later, Schmitz returned to London and obtained an additional 15 million dollars worth of tetraethyl lead which was to be turned into aviation gasoline back in Germany.

— A People’s History of the United States13

This synthetic fuel, called syngas14, was used to run everything from German planes to German tanks: with a little help of course from their allies within the highest sectors of American industry and finance. As I have explored quite extensively in The Frankenstein Formula series, American industrialists — backed by international capital — have played every side of every war for seemingly the entirety of our history as a nation: World War II was no exception.

Shale oil is perhaps the most salient example that demonstrates the now successful mass commercialization of synthetic oil. Hydrogen is added to carbon rich mineral fluid in nearly exactly the same process as the Fischer-Tropsch method. Synthetic oil, which includes shale oil, is almost entirely responsible for the surge in American oil production that we saw take place under the Trump administration. In fact in 2018, the American shale boom was responsible for 98% of the worldwide increase in oil production.15


“One has to free oneself from the ILLUSION that international climate policy is environmental policy.

Climate change policy is about how we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth.”

— Ottmar Edenhofer, United Nations official


As the Freemason Vladimir Lenin famously said “the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves”. The Rockefeller clan and the moneychangers have utilized this devastatingly effective stratagem for centuries. It should come as no surprise at this point to learn that the Rockefeller family has extensively invested in both sides of the “Climate change” debate. They continue to fund major climatist organizations such as 350.org16 and Greenpeace17 to the tune of billions of dollars. Through their public foundations, grants, and charities, the family has funded comprehensive pro & anti Global Warming research and media advocacy campaigns18.

Now why would a family that makes its wealth through oil and high finance go on to heavily invest in organizations that seemingly attack their very livelihood? I’m sure it has nothinggg to do with the fact that perpetuating the fallacy of “Peak Oil” and climate destruction undergirds the very foundational lies of the American oil industry as a whole. Both sides of the so called Climate debate are either tacitly or openly acceding to the faulty premise first perpetuated at the turn of the Nineteenth Century: Oil is scarce, and it is running out with disastrous consequences for humanity (cue the terrifying soundtrack). Despite continual predictions for the better part of the last century that “Peak Oil” has arrived (much like the global warming/cooling prophets) these prognosticators have demonstrably proven themselves false as the oil continues to flow well past their pessimistic timelines. Yet, like all false prophets, their predictions prove hollow and they simply move the dates of our impending demise further back with nary a mention of their previous failures.


— The Rockefeller founded Council on Foreign Relations and its agents within the lügenpresse.

— Lord Jacob Rothschild and David Rockefeller. The two families openly joined forces in 2012 after nearly a century and a half of covert collusion. Source: Vanity Fair.

— David Rockefeller and Fidel Castro exchange a Masonic grip.


Like the COVID PsyOp, the solutions for every issue always seem to end up with us handing over even more of our national sovereignty into the grimy claws of an unaccountable, international power structure. The conspirators own words indict them once again, making it painfully clear what the real goal of the Climate hysteria movement is — and it’s not about the polar bears:

“The threat of environmental crisis will be the ‘international disaster key’ to unlock the New World Order.”

— Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev19, Freemason

This belief is echoed by America’s politicians as well:

“We have got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic policy and environmental policy.”

— U.S. Senator Timothy Wirth (D-CO)20

This is the Hegelian Dialectic in action. As with all PsyOps and mass rituals, the lie is not the point. It is what the lie causes you to believe — that is truly the point. There is a laundry list of lies regarding petroleum, but regardless of the lies being spread by The Regime and its mockingbirds, their lies always lead to the belief they want to inculcate in us. The ultimate goal of climate hysterics and the peak oil narrative is prepping the mental battlefield: readying the masses to accept worldwide governance by an “enlightened” luciferian priest class of intergenerational moneylenders.

Climate policy is not about the climate.

It is about control.


— COVID lockdowns were a test run for the Climate/CBDC lockdowns.


“Some even believe [the Rockefellers] are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will.

If that’s the charge, I stand GUILTY, and I’m proud of it.”

— Memoirs by David Rockefeller, CEO of Chase Bank, Founder of the Trilateral Commission

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If the idea of an entire industry ignoring basic science and simple logic in the ruthless pursuit of profits is still too hard for you to stomach, consider another major industry that operates in almost precisely the same manner. The diamond cartel, created by Freemason Cecil Rhodes21, still maintains a stranglehold on the international sale of this mineral. Diamonds are a naturally ubiquitous materiel, precisely like oil, and held little value before extensive propaganda campaigns created the illusion of scarcity in the modern mind. Diamonds, like oil, can be artificially produced. Yet, through the imposition of closed markets, marketing campaigns, and monopolistic practices, the diamond industry has fabricated a myth that continues to yield them massive profits. It pays to be a member of the cartel.

At the same time that these alarmist headlines have dominated our airwaves, inventors that might upset the Oil Cartel with their alternative theories have been snuffed out with alarming regularity. The CIA has admitted in Congressional testimony that they have had the technology to induce fatal heart attacks in a victim — without it showing up on an autopsy — since the early 1960’s. The conspicuous timing of the deaths of so many ingenious freethinkers is entirely within the expertise of The Regime and their sicarios. Consider the following list of inventors:

In 1979, Rory Johnson22 received a patent for a cold-fusion powered magnetic motor capable of outputting 525 hp. The Department of Energy quickly put a restraining order on the publication of his patent for unspecified reasons, and Johnson died of a massive heart attack shortly afterwards.

Mark Tomion23, the inventor of the Electrodynamic Field Generator, died under similarly strange circumstances as Rory Johnson after submitting his patent application.

Stan Meyers24 invented an engine that ran off of water. In 1997 he died at lunch with potential investors; his last words were “I’ve been poisoned”.

Stefan Marinov25, the leader of the European Free Energy movement, allegedly jumped from a 4th story window and killed himself in 1997 before he could finish his prototype device.

Dmitry Petronov26 went missing in 2010 after developing a plasma battery that powered his home at a minimal cost for over 2 years. He has never been seen alive since.

Zachary Warfield27, a DARPA scientist, visited Petronov that same year shortly before mysteriously dying in a boating accident.

Eugene Mallove28, the founder of the New Energy Foundation, was brutally murdered the day before he planned to announce his findings on a thorium-based free energy device. His killer was released from prison in less than ten years.

Arie DeGeus29 patented a free energy device based on zero-point field technology30. In 2007, while on the way to meet potential investors for his device, he was found dead in the airport parking lot.

Aaron Salter Jr. invented an automobile engine that ran off of water and submitted an application for the patent. Shortly afterwards, while working as a security guard at the Tops Supermarket in Buffalo, New York, he was murdered during a “mass shooting” in 202231.

This is just a small list of those who have been forever silenced in order to keep humanity under the mythological leash of finite energy.

In truth, these discoveries are simply following in the footsteps of the illimitable Nikola Tesla: a visionary giant who had discovered or theorized technology such as direct energy weapons, wireless energy, and anti-gravitational flight over a century ago. In the early years of the Twentieth century, Tesla had already created the theoretical framework to wirelessly power light bulbs and other electronics from distances of over 2 miles. Tesla’s theories have now (openly) become a reality, as New Zealand start-up Emrod has been deploying this technology since 20203233. We can only imagine the progression of such amazing technology if Tesla’s notes hadn’t been secreted away by the Feds after his death in 194334.


— Liquid Lies, digital art, 2023


The questions that these revelations beg could be entire essays in their own right. How many wars were started on the fallacious premise that Middle Eastern oil rigs and Eurasian pipelines must stay flowing, lest civilization collapse? How much wealth has been extracted from our citizenry in the form of the ever present energy tax imposed upon us? How much petroleum has the Federal Government prevented Americans from producing? How much technological progress has been buried in some nameless government vault? How many great minds have been forever silenced to protect Standard Oil’s bottom line? Even for a seasoned parapolitical historian like yours truly, it is still exceedingly hard to fathom the amount of society altering anti-truths that flow downstream of the Fossil Fuel Farce.

The totality of the mind war that has been waged upon the common man is a sobering pill to swallow, but swallow it we must. The foundation upon which modern society has been built is quicksand, and it is rapidly shifting beneath us. The control grids of the Twenty-First century will be even more encompassing than the first. In order to prevent our children and our grandchildren from spending another century of enslavement to a rootless, international cartel, we must begin to address the most fundamental assumptions of a society that has led us to the point where we now call evil good and good evil.

As the COVID PsyOp has made painfully clear, there is already a worldwide governing structure that dictates policies to its regional governments from on high. I will reiterate a point I have made in previous essays because it bears continual repeating until it finally sinks in: we have already lost the battle against one world governance. We have de facto had such an arrangement since 1930 with the institution of the Bank for International Settlements.

Our sovereignty was sacrificed on Moloch’s brazen altar long ago.

The sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you can begin to formulate an actual plan.

To truly break these luciferian paradigms, you must first realize that you are still fighting within the box they have created for you.


“We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.

It would have been IMPOSSIBLE for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years.

But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

— David Rockefeller, CEO of Chase Bank, Founder of the Trilateral Commission

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