Wednesday, August 16, 2023

When Whites Surrender Power to Blacks, by Joseph Kay - The Unz Review

Few phenomena outside of the physical sciences follow iron laws, but here’s an exception: whites suffer under black rule. It’s the same, whether in post-colonial sub-Sahara Africa or American cities. The effect may take some time, but it remains an iron law, and unlike arcane scientific laws, the confirming evidence is everywhere. No need to visit Zimbabwe; take a trip to Trenton, NJ, East St. Louis, Jackson, MS, Selma, AL, Detroit, etc., etc.

The power of the administrative state drives the damage of black rule. These are the millions of unelected, usually obscure functionaries who put laws into practice. Congress may pass an anti-discrimination law, but officials in the Department of Justice decide what constitutes discrimination and how to enforce the law.

Why do whites welcome black rule? Has no one read the Bell Curve or Facing Reality? Why surrender government to functionaries incapables of providing the benefits of a First World society: an operating power grid, safe water and working sewers, law and order, clean streets, a working economy, effective schools, first-rate healthcare, transports systems, and all the rest. No rational person would knowingly hire an incompetent doctor or lawyer. Many blacks themselves prefer the benefits of a white-run society.

Remarkably, and totally contrary to self-interest, a good number of whites consciously want to increase the power of blacks over whites, whether by electing blacks or putting them into positions of authority. In effect, they are using the enormous power of the administrative state to apply to the entire nation the practices that ruined Detroit and Baltimore. Demands for what will inevitably bring on a failed state have become routine and there is minimal opposition.

The Partnership for Public Service, an influential non-profit that claims to be “building a better government and a stronger democracy,” loves “diversity.” “While the federal government uses a merit system of nine principles to ensure fairness and equity . . . the latest data make it clear that underrepresented groups still face a biased system and structural inequality in the workplace.” There’s only one solution: “Overcoming racial injustice in the United States must include a transformation of the workforce that serves our collective interests. The good news is that many federal agencies are making progress.”

Another report on the federal workforce laments that blacks are “merely” 11.7 percent of the elite federal workforce compared to 75.7 percent for whites. No matter that the proportion of blacks is close to that of the US population; justice requires yet more “blackening” of the higher ranks of government.

President Biden has made this federal workforce racial diversification a top priority. His 2021 Executive Order unabashedly called for race-based hiring: “Even with decades of progress building a Federal workforce that looks like America, the enduring legacies of employment discrimination, systemic racism, and gender inequality are still felt today. Too many underserved communities remain under-represented in the Federal workforce, especially in positions of leadership.”

[Joe Biden makes remarks outlining his racial equity agenda and signs executive actions with US Vice President Kamala Harris at this side in the State Dining Room of the White House, Jan. 26, 2021. (Credit Image: © Doug Mills/CNP via ZUMA Wire)
[Joe Biden makes remarks outlining his racial equity agenda and signs executive actions with US Vice President Kamala Harris at this side in the State Dining Room of the White House, Jan. 26, 2021. (Credit Image: © Doug Mills/CNP via ZUMA Wire)

Why hire more functionaries from “under-served communities”? The answer: “When public servants reflect the communities they serve, the government is more effective and successful. That is why the Biden-Harris Administration has appointed an historic number of diverse leaders.” Diversification will also include LGBT+ people, first-generation professionals, immigrants, the disabled, rural Americans, older Americans, parents and caregivers who face employment barriers, people of faith who face employment discrimination, the previously incarcerated and, lastly, military veterans and their spouses. But the real goal is to hire more blacks. Hispanics are vastly more “under-represented,” but it is blacks whom the Biden administration really wants to see in power.

The President wants a broad-based “reinvigoration” of government with DIE commissars everywhere — especially at the Office of Personnel Management, the Office of Management and Budget, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission — who will monitor the racial transformation.

These newly minted champions of equity will not be shy about helping fellow blacks climb the career ladder as they are rewarded for their race loyalty. This takeover will be even quicker as white civil servants realize they have little future in government, and therefore resign or take early retirement. The exodus will open yet more slots for “underresented minorities.”

If all goes according to plan, the United States will be ever closer to South Africa. Why this passion for destructive diversity? Is it just cheap virtue signaling, with the assumption that actual black rule will not follow? Do diversity boosters secretly expect courts to strike down explicit race preferences in the civil service?

Or do those advocating diversity honestly believe that a diverse workforce can solve the problems of a diverse America. Senior black bureaucrats in the Department of Education will fix our disastrous urban schools while Department of Justice functionaries eliminate crime in St. Louis.

The futility of this blacks-know-how-to-best-deal-with-blacks vision is best observed locally. If city jails are overflowing with black inmates, just let fellow blacks run the show. The result is chaos. Conditions can be so bad in New York City jails — including inmate deaths — that there are now calls for federal intervention. There are similar patterns in public housing and education — blacks wreck once-functioning institutions. Matters then deteriorate to the point that whites have to step in. In 2015, the relatively new Washington, DC metro system was in such crisis that the federal government had to take over. A similar takeover occurred with the Newark, NJ public schools due to gross mismanagement.

Maybe Mr. Biden and his fellow diversity champions believe that a blacker federal bureaucracy will somehow narrow the wealth gap and improve black behavior. With a government that “looks like us,” blacks will stay in school and gangbangers will get well-paying jobs. Fantasy, of course.

Perhaps the most frightening explanation is that this march toward incompetence is intentional, Some people may want a country in which laws go unenforced and government jobs go to the incompetent. Everything is a trade-off: live in a Third-World city but benefit from the amenities of a First-World nation.

Our apparent political assisted suicide is hardly limited to a few naïve, over-educated ideologues. Ordinary people, even well-educated ones — maybe especially well-educated ones — go along with it. Countless South African whites supported the political handover to blacks even though they undoubtedly knew firsthand about the abilities of Africans.

Immigration policies in many European nations tolerate waves of people with a demonstrated inability to assimilate. For decades, millions of American whites have voted for black mayors despite knowing their limitations. Did whites in Chicago truly believe the city would flourish under Lori Lightfoot?

This is a puzzle with no easy explanation. Perhaps many whites are delusional about the benefits of black political power since delusion is an enduring human trait. The history of religion abounds with normally sensible people flocking to crackpot messiahs. Desperate humans may also be hard-wired to embrace quackery. Believing in a cheap miracle cure for cancer is like believing that Mayor Eric Adams of New York City knows some magic way to stop rampant shoplifting by blacks. Probably, many white liberals voted for Lori Lightfoot as self-flagellation to atone for slavery.

What makes the blackening of government bureaucracies easier to swallow is that many people don’t notice. It is far less attention-getting than racial preferences in higher education or Critical Race Theory in grade school. Few people follow minor adjustments in civil service regulations, the lowering of standards, or the proliferation of unnecessary jobs. Who reads agency budgets or revised mission statements? How many Americans can even name the agencies that control their lives?

The consequences are enormous, as government expands its regulatory power even as it fails to provide basic services. What type of administrative state can’t stop people pooping on the sidewalk? The more serious damage is less obvious. IRS ineptitude will slowly increase before millions notice lost paperwork and stupid mistakes. Power outages will become routine, along with outbreaks of contagious diseases that disappeared a century ago. Perhaps only after a major air disaster will the press ask about all those air traffic controllers who got their jobs through diversity initiatives. Even then, will will bell the cat?

Not even a GOP government may help if the choice is between putting dim blacks in top jobs versus more racial strife, especially as middle-class blacks become even more anti-white and lower-class blacks even more violent. The private sector and higher education may slowly abandon the racial spoils system, thanks to mounting legal pressure, but the public sector will pick up the slack. Those ex-university DIE bureaucrats will move into public agencies whose implicit purpose is to advance racial equity. They will then hire their unemployed friends who once taught Black Studies in high school.

Everything will be entirely legitimate. No law requires that a government agency must serve some useful purpose.