Saturday, August 5, 2023

It's How Ya Herd Cows! By Capt. Randall

Nature is chock-full of parallels. One most striking example is how cowboys move cows and just how governments control the human herd.

The idea here is not to spook the herd, which would only result in a dangerous unmanageable stampede, utter chaos and unpredictable outcomes; full blown fight/flight!

The key is patiently applying mild anxiety. A cowboy only needs to approach a cow within about 20ft. It begins to leave as the cowboy’s side to side movement steers that cow in the exact direction desired. Slow, patient advances will put that cow in the corral.  In time, the cows know the drill and comply under the gentlest of pressure.

The human parallel is found in “State Media Cowboys,” slowly patiently consciously deviously applying mild anxiety.  Could there be food, energy or water shortages?  How ’bout wars on the horizon, climate emergencies or disease epidemics? Or threats of economic collapse, rising criminal activity, mass shootings or other intrusions on one’s personal situation?  We must be ready and willing to die for the endless war agenda and line up for vaxxxinations.

The “news” is designed to scare you a lil-bit, make you angry a lil-bit and finish on an up-note with an act of kindness or dog story…they don’t want you rattled, just a lil-bit uneasy and primed for the next injection of narrative.  We get trained to hate or feel sympathetic through the tone and focus of the storyteller, jerking us around by our fearful egos and then soliciting tender emotions.  Recognizing the psychic costs of news watching, smart doctors recommend “news fasting” to reduce anxiety and improve mind-body coherence and healing.

Incessant incremental media grooming is exactly how elite cowboys fence the public herd! Before ubiquitous mass communications, word of mouth served empires throughout history. Workers were kept working, soldiers were kept fighting and rulers extracted all the honey from their human hives. Now they operate on personal details gleaned from a total cyber-invasion of privacy…they know what makes us tick and which strings to pull…they know what you had for breakfast!

This is not deep spooky psychology, it’s simple animal behavior, it’s what every farm kid learns at an early age.  Realizating this obvious parallel points out how we humanimals are constantly tricked, seduced by marketeers and otherwise controlled via the constant patient pressure of mild anxiety.  Cows are also incredibly lazy. Their human counterparts avoid intellectual curiosity and prefer to rest on subconscious programming and the repetition of ingrained behaviors…with minds basically in a box.

It only took a year of raising beef to observe the parallel; herd behaviors of cows are the same as peoples’..Neither can stand being approached, being separated, being “hunted,” or being singled-out for slaughter.  Cowboys know this!  Elite human cowboys use this against us!!!

So take yer pick; fake opinion polls, skewed statistics, doom and gloom punditry, secrecy/omissions/censorship, artificial bandwagons, urgings of corrupt politicians, media hyperfocus on bleeding leading stories, ratcheting levels of law, regulation and micromanagement, and cleverly fabricated false flag shock-events.  Failure to recognize how we have been corralled, how we are fooled, how actual history always turns out… how once-believed common narratives give such solid support to conspiracy theorists and contrarians…is how we are gradually turned into feedlot bovines…so reminiscent of the “boiling frogs” meme.

Occasionally a wild steer, somehow fearing a short trip to the butcher, will fly over all obstacles, blow through fences, and escape to parts unknown.  Having missed-out on sirloins and ribeyes, I can only respect this universal flight to freedom.

The 9/11 type shock events and pandemics are set-up for success through grinding day to day anxieties. Then all of a sudden draconian assaults on freedom and privacy are instituted under the fog of fear…then it’s off to crushing inflation, elite profits or Fauci’s packing house. Why do we hate Russia and China?  Why do we fear invisible terrorists and germs?  Why do we support allies, but ignore their dirty deeds?  Is it because our complex minds have been hacked, essentially reducing us to cattle?  Is it this anxiety programming that makes people much slower to stampede and trample their despotic cowboys?  Otherwise 20yrs of MidEast war and the destruction of our economy during covid lockdowns could never have happened.

Narrative correctness forces people to self-censor, follow loud-mouth influencers, act-out fad life choices and foolishly pursue magic rabbits down deep dead-end warrens.

The takeaway here is to guard against ALL informational inputs, past and present, with logic. Take ALL unsettling reports, officially acceptable opinions, insignificant distractions and common gossip with a grain of salt because these inputs are toxic to one’s body and mind.  Cowboys on horseback have been replaced by bad ideas injected directly into the brain.   

You can clear the buildup of mental clutter by returning to the zero-point; “I know nothing!”  Monitor thoughts and ask, “Where the hell did that come from?”  Acting upon faulty premises can be deadly, so it never hurts to place inputs in an “undecided file,” not rush to judgement in the heat of the moment,… proceed mindfully.

Seductions and deceptions wear a million costumes; true in nature and more so among predatory humans parading titles and university degrees,… “authority figures” and “experts” dressed in slick suits and white lab coats.  Trick or Treat!

In this world of illusion, one’s very survival rests on critical thinking and good old fashioned common sense.

Copyright © Capt. Randall