Thursday, August 10, 2023

Africa – Colonization is Unraveling & The Cartel Is Running Cleanup! By Helena Glass

 Victoria Nuland is the “Acting Deputy Secretary of State”.   She has not been confirmed by Congress.   She has been the Acting Deputy for one week following the retirement of the appointed Deputy, Wendy Sherman.   She is effectively, Anthony Blinken’s Assistant.   Her recent sojourn to Niger was punctuated with this comment, “If the US determines that a democratically elected government has been toppled by unconstitutional means, federal law requires a cutoff of most American assistance, particularly military aid.”

The response from Niger was to ask Wagner Group to help repel any western attempts to intervene.   The fact that the western coup makers had inserted the previous president, Bazoum, a member of the Arab minority tribe, and culled with Blinken appointed as Handler, is Undemocratic.  That was The Coup.

The US inserted proxies are falling like humpty-dumpties.

Blinken’s credibility among world leaders is crumbling and Victoria Nuland is simply swatted like an annoying fly. Her father was Jewish, of Bellarusian and Moldovan ancestry. Her coup expertise is matched directly by her demeanor.   In 2014, during the color revolution in Ukraine, Nuland was on the ground assisting in the coup to replace Yanukovich and was overheard saying, ‘F**k The EU!”   However, her success in the Ukraine coup earned her the praise of Soros and his puppets.   At that point the Takeover of Russia became the next coordinated Agenda via Navalny.

But Niger was not nearly so kind to Nuland. Today they appointed a new Prime Minister who was formally the Economy Minister, Ali Zeine.  More countries losing the western coup status is driving a wedge in the Cartel.   More to the point, the western country that is failing to make advancement is – France.

Macron was denied access to the South African Summit.   He has lost Niger and a source of ‘uranium’ which accounts for 25% of France’s uranium supply.   Niger’s uranium was France’s source of electricity.   In Africa, each country represents resources.   Those resources are typically exported to western nations – and likely at a discount.   France had just lost Mali when Niger decolonized.    Mali’s biggest export – GOLD.

The larger issue is Africa.

As Russia makes inroads toward open trade with Africa, their western counterparts lose the wealth potential that has been capped for generations.   Corporations moved into Africa after coups allowed them to succor the resources with bribe payments, land grabs, and control.   While the economies falsely gained traction – that wealth never trickled up or down to the commoners.   As such Africa remained a constant victim of grand theft.   And the western inserted leaders were simply conduits – something like Biden.

Given the vast and valuable resources that Africa has within her dirt, how is it possible that for centuries – little progress has been made to raise the population to standards similar to western nations?   Is it really their ‘governments’ or is it purposeful suppression?

The means for western nations, and in particular, the US, to sustain their global dominance can only be achieved by de-balancing economies.   China served a purpose that aided the US economy to grow exponentially while reaping the rewards of China’s new capitalism.   But when China’s sovereignty was secured by Xi Jinping – this became the moment the Cartel decided they needed to break the dragon.

Africa’s economic growth as a subset of their economies was no different.

Growth must be achieved for the wealthy – only.   Thus if Africa were to rule its own sovereign wealth the risk for the neocons was the potential of creating a global powerhouse.   The reins had to be drawn and the distribution channels that could develop an entire sovereign continent had to be tied.   TO benefit only The Few.

Niger’s sudden declaration – ENOUGH – has the potential to open Africa up to its own wealth potential leaving the Western Cartel dry.

The EU is a colony.  Coups in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Argentina secured South America as a continental colony.   In order to regain lost territory as a direct result of Social Media – censorship of the media was necessary to bury Truth.

The mass hypnosis effect was unraveling.   Too many mistakes. Many of which only came to light as a direct result of authoritarian lockdowns.   Their most largess mistake.   Opening Pandora’s Box.

An autonomous Africa would be devastating for the Cartel. Much of the Green Funds for Climate Change actually went to western contractors busily building infrastructure to support the farms, which arose via the land grabs.   IF the Cartel becomes persona-non-grati, those trillions of dollars are lost.

In addition, geoengineering Africa’s climate assured the Cartel that the peasant class would never overcome starvation.   If the peasant class became educated, they would soon enough learn what westerners now know.   Secrecy provides them with a steady stream of peasant class laborers.

The same Blueprint being used to de-wealth America. Squeeze out assets and let criminals depopulate each other.   Eventually, the end product would be an America parallel to Africa wherein poverty is measured in earning less than $2 per day.   The ONLY way to colonize and maintain control is thru poverty.   Poverty guarantees submission.   Like circus animals – perform and you will eat.   Disobey and you will be severely punished.

The World Economic Forum VISION – is for the global populace to perform tasks like circus animals.   Russia represents a heady boulder in their way.   A lost Africa awakened to the impoverishment the colonization has reaped would trickle across the ocean to South America.   This is the destabilization the Cartel speaks of. Or as Nancy Pelosi so vehemently proclaims, “America will no longer exist if Trump is elected President”!!!

Why?   Because America is the last Bastion – the necessary Link to achieve their 2030 Agenda wherein we are all peasants beholden to our Masters.   And Nuland and Blinken?  They are simply the messengers of Death… Just ask Erdogan.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.