Sunday, August 13, 2023

It is Good to Hate the Boomer - Vox Popoli

 Has there ever been a generation more collectively wicked in the recorded history of Man? Has there ever been a generation that cared less about humanity, society, and its own descendants? As Neon Revolt observes, it’s enough to increase one’s desire for the Day of the Pillow a thousandfold.

Those who claim that Boomer hate leads to generational division are operating under the false assumption that it is possible to divide that which was previously divided. The Boomers first divided themselves from their parents, then from their children, and then again from their grandchildren. They never, ever, cared about anyone but themselves.

Were the Boomers egged on and tempted by others? Of course they were! And not every individual born during the Boomer years fell for the various temptations on offer. But it’s not as if other generations were never subject to temptation and “the Devil made me do it” has never been accepted as an excuse or obviated an individual’s responsibility for his actions.

Even if it is true that the Devil, or the Jews, or the cultural Marxists, or the communists made you do it, that doesn’t get you off the hook for your generation’s decades-long destruction of one of the greatest societies of all kind, Boomer.

You’re still the one who ate the seed corn. You’re still the one who raised latchkey children. You’re still the one who got divorced. You’re still the one who encouraged your children to take on massive school debt. You’re still the one who ignores your grandchildren in favor of ocean cruises and European vacations and other attempts to fill the void where your soul should be.

You’re still the one who sold the family farm that had been in the family for five generations. You’re still the one who owned four cars and three homes, but will leave nothing to your descendants.

And the conclusive observation, the most damning indictment, is that even now, even in your dotage, even with the grave beckoning and death approaching, you still deny that everything you ever did could ever possibly have been your fault.

UPDATE: Based on the responses from Boomers on Gab, one would have to conclude that Boomers are literally retarded and it was child’s play to manipulate them into destroying their society.