Wednesday, August 16, 2023

UNDER THE BOARDWALK – The Burning Platform

Yeah, under the reinforced boardwalk, down by the sea, yeahOn a mobility scooter with my obese tatted baby is where I’ll be

Out of the sun(Under the boardwalk) We’ll be havin’ some funnel cake(Under the boardwalk) People waddling above(Under the boardwalk) We’ll be fallin’ in love with fried oreos & fudge(Under the boardwalk) Yeah (riding the tramcar instead of walking)

We finished our vacation week in Wildwood. No more stories about drunken nights at the Shamrock. It is now a construction site, with new $800,000 cookie cutter condos slated to replace a famous institution, which gave me unlimited fodder for at least two dozen articles about the crazy nights spent at our favorite bar over the last fifteen years.

Tom Gerace, 59, owner of Shamrock, stands outside of the Shamrock as it's being torn apart inside to clear way when moving the Victorian house above it on Friday, June 25, 2021. “It’s depressing and we put a lot of work into it,” Gerace said. “Stuff happens and I did what was best for me at some point. If I opened back up I would lose my liquor license.”

We still see Billy Jack, as he regularly plays at The Cove, two blocks from the old Shamrock, but it isn’t the same. There is another construction boom in Wildwood, but I won’t be lured into buying at the top again. I’ll wait for the crash that may never come. But some things never change in good old Wildwood. It’s lucky they replaced a good chunk of the boardwalk, because I don’t think the old boards could support the obese land whales waddling towards the funnel cake stand or racing down the boards on their mobility scooters to buy a fried twinkie washed down by a 128 ounce lemonade (extra sugar) on one of their eight credit cards.

As with my years driving on the 30 Blocks of Squalor, I can’t help but observe, in real time, the decline of our culture and the rapid demise of self-respect and adherence to some standard of community normality. After walking many miles on the beach and boardwalk, and observing from our condo deck and on our couple outings to local restaurants and bars, I think I can come to some conclusions about the general state of affairs in this country. And it ain’t a positive picture.

Now let me be clear, not everyone in Wildwood fits the generalizations I will be making. There are many fit healthy people jogging and biking everyday. There are many normal traditional families with cute kids all over the beaches and boardwalk. The normies are just not the majority anymore. We’ve clearly reached a tipping point and I don’t think there is a path back to normality and the traditional living arrangements which helped grow this country and made it a desirable place to live and raise a family.

We spent quite a few hours strolling on the boardwalk and the sights were breathtaking to behold, and not in a good way. An hour on the Wildwood boardwalk is all you need to confirm we have an obesity crisis in this country. The comparison of a picture of the people on the boardwalk in the 1960’s versus a picture from today is all you need to confirm the downward spiral of our species.


Young, middle aged, and old are all impacted by this self inflicted disease of consumption. Wildwood attracts so many fat asses, it actually has a store that rents out rascals for the week. Most of the rascals are not for people with disabilities, but for hippopotamuses too slothful or too corpulent to walk.

As I was walking down the ramp onto the beach one day a turbo-charged rascal blazed past me onto the beach driven by a rotund bearded 40 something year old. He hopped off his souped up four wheeler and grabbed his ginormous cooler, likely filled with manufactured foodstuff designed to make him even fatter. Three hours later as we were leaving the beach he was planted under a pink cabana tent eating to his heart’s delight. At least until his looming heart attack and sudden death.

The real question is how did over half the population become obese over the last fifty years. Every individual does ultimately control what they jam down their gullets, so much of the blame can be placed squarely on the individual. Eating as a way to be happy or way to cure depression or way to fulfill some unmet psychological need will ultimately lead to obesity. But there is more to it than individual weakness. The powers that be are masters of psychological manipulation through propaganda, disguised as marketing.

Our corporate fascist state is only concerned with wealth, power and control. They have created the toxic foodstuff designed to make us fat, lazy, and pliable. They create the marketing campaigns designed to convince the masses this crap food is actually good for them. The mega-corporations peddling this noxious mixture of chemical foodstuff get rich. The politicians and government bureaucrats get rich from payoffs by mega-corporations who create the obesity and the Big Pharma scum who sell fake cures for the maladies related to the obesity. And the real ruling class benefit from an apathetic, diseased, non-rebellious populace, focused on the 124 flavors of ice cream choices at their local obesity palace.

They take advantage of weaknesses inherent in all humans. They push the masses towards committing the seven deadly sins: pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth. Their propaganda convinces the masses to do whatever they are told. The covid scam is a perfect example of their power. They particularly know how to addict large swaths of the population to products and what they declare fashionable. The beaches and boardwalks of Wildwood provide ample evidence of their power.

Wanting to be part of an exclusive clique and the desire for status symbols, so others will find you interesting and worthy of recognition seems to be a driving influence for a vast segment of the population, spurred on by the ruling elite. The rich strut like peacocks by flaunting their 12 bathroom $10 million mansions, $200,000 Mercedes, Rolex watches, vacations on exotic islands, and memberships in exclusive golf clubs. The poor and middle class aren’t rich, so they must seek attention in alternative ways. And so they do.

Before this century, tattoos were not common among the general population. Men in the military would have tattoos related to their unit or branch of the service. Members of motorcycle clubs would have tattoos. They were rare among women,white collar men, and teens. Based on my observations in Wildwood, it appears 50% of the population is now tatted. Mothers, teenage girls, and even the obese are covered in hideous blots of ink. I was unable to decipher what they represent. Pretty girls are mutilating their bodies to fill some hole in their lives, created by our degraded deviant culture.

Neck tattoos, sleeves, full leg tattoos, and a hodgepodge of ridiculous artwork mar the bodies of young and old alike. In a desire to be different and display special status, millions reveal themselves to be nothing more than trend following branded sheep. When I was young, many had horrific hair styles or wore ridiculously embarrassing clothes, but they could fix it by getting a haircut and buying new clothes. If these tattoos look awful today, imagine what they will look like in 30 years. They are essentially permanent. Having tattoos all over your body will likely relegate you to lower paying jobs and among the normals  you will be treated as low class. Tattoos are a status symbol for the lower classes, just as a Mercedes is for the upper class.

My instincts regarding what will be popular culturally have always been poor. When the Facebook IPO came out in 2012 I ridiculed those who bought the stock. I was sure it would be a flop. It’s 500% return since the IPO proved me wrong. When Apple launched its Apple Watch in 2015, I was sure it would be a flop. It was ugly, square, and all its functions were already in every smart phone. Well, 115 million sales later, it appears I was wrong again. Based on the crowd in Wildwood, every woman wearing a watch between the ages of 15 and 50, is wearing the exact same Apple Watch, with the color of the band the only difference. These women think they are stylish and different, when they nothing but cattle, following the herd, just as they did getting their jabs and boosters.

The ruling class know bread and circuses (pizza and tramcars in Wildwood) will keep the ignorant masses distracted and amused, so they can keep pillaging the dwindling treasury of a falling empire. The most prevalent distraction are the “smart” phones attached to the hands of virtually every person in Wildwood and the world. We walked and biked close to 20 miles during our week in Wildwood. Not once did I bring my cell phone. I spent my time on the beach reading an actual book. I saw very few book readers on the beach, but many many tatted zombies staring at their dumb phones as if the world depended upon them doing so.

It seems most people are incapable of thinking, reading a book, or just ruminating and enjoying nature. Listening to the sound of the ocean crashing on the beach or watching the seagulls swoop down on an unsuspecting dupe to snatch their soft pretzel, is unthinkable among the smart phone addicted. Whether they were jogging, biking, pushing a stroller, or sitting in a beach chair, the iPhones never left their hands. It’s as if they are afraid to be alone with their own thoughts.

They need to know what others are posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, so they can do and think whatever is fashionable and popular at the current moment in time. With so many brain dead sheep, no wonder it was easy to get them to lockdown and inject themselves with a dangerous untested concoction of DNA altering toxins. Huxley was right about technology just being a more efficient means for going backwards. With every piece of literature ever written at our fingertips, the populace is dumber than ever. But they do know every aspect of the Kardashian lives.

The last depressing observation from our week in Wildwood was the inordinate number of girls barely above 18 years old pushing baby strollers on the boardwalk with no man and no wedding ring. Many were with their mothers, but very few were with husbands. The fact is that 45% of all children born in the U.S. today are born out of wedlock. For minorities the rates are above 70%. In the 1960’s only 5% to 10% of children were born out of wedlock. This is a disaster for the children, as they lack the two parent stability, and grow up psychologically scarred.

The feminism crap jammed down the throats of girls, where they are told they don’t need men to raise children has now destroyed multiple generations. Marriage, with two parents raising children, is the foundation of our society. The ruling class doesn’t want stability, self-sufficiency, and a critical thinking populace who can see how badly they are being screwed by the politicians, banks, corporations and the oligarch pulling the levers behind the curtain. They want us divided, poor, dependent on them, distracted by gadgets and vacuous entertainment, and unquestioning when they tell us who and what to fear and hate. Like Covid and Russia.

Other than that, we had a thoroughly enjoyable week in Wildwood. To end on a happier note, I was impressed by the number of youngsters renting surf boards and having the time of their lives catching a wave and sitting on top of the world. Despite my somewhat negative observations, it did seem like everyone was having a good time and enjoying themselves. I guess ignorance really is bliss. My childhood memories of Wildwood are all positive. I had the time of my life running wild with my cousins on the beach and boardwalk. Let’s hope future generations will have similar memories, under the boardwalk.