Friday, October 9, 2015

A Nation of Discontent

The American Ruling Class since 1988 has accomplished the unthinkable: they have placed the nation on a collision course with chaos and decline.  Virtually all their actions have either benefitted them financially or socially to the detriment of the rest of society.  Whether they are those on Wall Street making untold millions shuffling money, or the public sector unions and their never ending financial demands, or the education establishment’s obsession with ideology and funding, or the political class and their avarice and narcissism, or those whose religion is extreme but personally profitable environmentalism -- they all hide behind the fig leaf of caring and compassion for their fellow Americans.
As the 2016 election approaches a majority of the populace is beginning to realize that they have been conned and manipulated.  That, in fact, the future of the United States and that of their progeny is in serious jeopardy.  If wholesale changes are not instituted soon there will be no turning back and potentially violent internal chaos and external threats will be inevitable.  The American elites, comfortable in their current lifestyle, had better wake up to the rumbling beneath their feet before the volcano erupts.