Friday, October 23, 2015

Obama and the TPP - Shilling for the NWO.

Democrats vs. Republicans. Free market vs. socialism. Free trade vs. protectionism. It's all kabuki theater. It goes back to 1912: Roosevelt/Rockefeller vs. Wilson/Morgan, with Taft/Skull & Bones as the third option. Americans had a choice of which New York bank they wanted to have setting policy.
[Note: if I were writing a Ph.D. dissertation, I would choose to study George Cortelyou, who served under Cleveland (Democrat) and McKinley/Roosevelt (Republicans). He was Teddy's press secretary, and Teddy appointed him Secretary of Commerce and Secretary of the Treasury. He was a Rockefeller agent. He was the inside man in the government in 1907 in creating the Federal Reserve System. He is virtually forgotten.]
Democracy sounds good. It's good political cover. It lets the Old Boy Network do its thing at the expense of the taxpayers.
That's why this year is unique: Trump/Carson/Fiorina. There is not an elected official among them.
I think of the Republicans' slogan in the 1946 Congressional election: "Had enough?" I know I have.