Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Strangling the golden goose

Western values only exist for Westerners. They are not universal and merely claiming them to be does not make them so. Physical relocation to the land of magic dirt doesn't convert non-Westerners into Westerners just as moving to the New World didn't transform the Puritans into Indians. It's a simple and straightforward numbers game. It should not be a surprise, either, as ever since the Baby Boom was born, an increasing number of parents have been failing to raise their children as members of the civilized West.

The current invaders aren't coming to America and Western Europe for freedom, democracy, or whatever other fiction the media is attempting to spin, they are coming to grab a share of the societal wealth that has been built up over the centuries. And by permitting them entry, the golden goose of the West is being gradually strangled.

To begin restoring the West, straightforward steps are needed: