Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Forced Conversion of Christians in America

Dispense with freedom of religion; accept the State’s power to force its religion on you and your children, and you will get the results you are seeing in America today. You will see the end of the Republic.
But while there is still a window of opportunity, Christians do not have to passively accept exile, be it self-imposed, as it often and lamentably has been in the past, or forcibly imposed on them by a rival State religion that brooks no opposition.
There are still tools available to Christians who wish to preserve their religious freedom, civil disobedience being among them. 
Forming strategic alliances among likeminded denominations to resist legal pressure from the State; refusal to pay taxes and fines for not capitulating to State doctrinal demands; resisting pressure to water down Christian doctrines in order to avoid confrontation from the State -- all such strategies must be employed.
In the meantime, while current front line battles will continue to occupy much of the energy of the Church, she must also do the hard work of establishing or re-establishing Christian institutions such as schools and universities. 
Lastly she must articulate once again a Christian world view encompassing all of society, a project she has largely neglected for so many decades.
She can and must do all these things if she is to remain the Church of Jesus Christ in the fullest sense of that term.